Library Story – New Version 0.94 [Xaljio]

I have to say this game is for adults. We’ll try to make a lot of storylines – i.e. you would pass and complete the game as kind and good boy ^_^. But in any case, there will be a variety of erotic actions with Belle (and not only Belle) in our game. The essence of LS is that you can influence on Belle and modify her as you wish. Uncomplaining slave girl wearing a collar and chains, Wicked Queen with a whip, a housewife in apron over her naked body, etc… In general there will be many opportunities and it will be very different.

Date: 25.02.2019
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.94b
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on ls.exe to start playing.

Version 0.94b:
Passwords don’t impact the new content in this version, but will help you if you suddenly decide to start the game from the beginning. In this case don’t forget to enter the password before beginning of the game in the start menu.
As we’ve already said, we added a new educational interactive into the game (Gaston’s Training quest).
In order to access it, you need to start the quest for Bed Skills level 2, convince Belle to start learning Gaston, then to see a couple of familiar training scenes… After that you will have the opportunity to try out the educational interactive episode, the idea of which, by the way, was appeared from the writing of Gaston’s Training quest itself.
Pay attention that if you load the previous saves, then your progress of the quest for Bed Skills 2 level is supposed to be reset, even if you’ve already completed it. Version 0.94b should support saving from versions 0.94 and 0.93.
We recommend to try repeatedly different options – the results may be unexpected.:) In addition, pay attention to the fact that the teacher’s outfit changes as you progress the educational quest, which has an impact on the educational interactive.

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Download links
Download for Windows Download from Workupload Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Workupload

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