Hot Coffee – New May Build [Hot Coffee]

Info: Hot Coffee tells the story of a young barista working on her new life away from home. While she’s enjoying her new job, she’s about to find out this small town is a lot less innocent than she is! Help Ashley find new ways to make ends meet; she may discover she’s more of a pervert than she thinks.

Date: 04.07.2021
Language: English
Version: May Build
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

May Build

Items can now be used on objects on the map. Want to drink that cup of coffee you just bought? select it and click on your character. Want to use a key you just found? Select it and then click on the door you want to open!
Dialogue choices now give you hints as to what may happen if the choices are selected.
Statistics screen now properly displays personality values of the player.
You can now view all objects you can interact with on the screen with the press of a button (SPACE). Only partially implemented.
Purchase items right from the coffee shop in order to temporarily increase some stats!
1 new quest.
2 new locations.
1 new lewd scene.
Fixed janky movement on some machines.
Dialogue is now played when the user has exhausted all content.
Minor bug fixes.
Added “Cup of coffee” item, which increases your confidence temporarily.
Added “Cup of coffee (decaf)” item, which increases your confidence temporarily. (placeholder)
Added “Hidden key” quest item.
Improved inventory screen to see descriptions and effects of your items.

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