The Shimmering Horizon and Cursed Blacksmith – New Version 0.43 [Ason]

The Player plays as a blacksmith who lost his memory, and fight through the dungeon by forging weapons with the materials he collected. All of the female enemies are usually very strong, you would be “defeated” quite easily if not careful. The H-scenes are animated, and fully vocalized by Japanese voice actress.​

Date: 28.07.2021
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Version: 0.43
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

New Content:
・New Memories for Monster Girls: Memories of Succubus
・1 new random Memory.
・2 new entries in the Forging Journal, both can be read in the Forging Journal B.
・Temporary save feature implemented. You can now save at the church by “talking” to the diary.
Balance Adjustments:
・Adjustments on the 2nd boss:

Weakness added for feet, with visual aid which elements are their weaknesses.
Frequency of using the beam attack decreased.
Frequency of all other attacks except for summoning increased.
When its beam attack hits OTHER ENEMIES, the damage now doubles.
Enemies summoned will have more variety, with weaker enemies possibly appearing.
Broken Metal Scrap and Magic Stone will no longer be thrown by the boss. Additionaly, the chance of potions thrown to break is decreased.
・Adjustments on forging and Skills:
Black Veil: Chance to cause Blind increased. SP and Durability cost decreased. Damage decreased.
Cyclone: Damage increased.
Valiant Slash: Damage and stat increment when leveling up increased.
Wildrush: Durability cost decreased.
Water Blade: SP cost increment when leveling up decreased.
Instant Strike: SP cost increased.
Shadowkill: Damage and Critical chance decreased.
Charging Slash: Damage decreased.
Transpierce: Stat increment when leveling up decreased.
Cutthroat: Stat increment when leveling up decreased.
Forging Poison Fang will now grant the weapon Jump Strike.
Forging Flame Rapier or Noble Rapier will now grant the weapon Dash Strike.
Forging Pickaxe will now grant the weapon Hit And Run.
When forging or enhancing weapons with element damage, the Magic in selected materials will now only affect the elements ALREADY in the weapons, and won’t create new elements.
(Added effect will still work)
Forging, enhancing or enchanting using items with the added effect “???????” will now have a chance to grant items with rare added effects.
Normal enchant stations will now grant “Max HP,” “Max SP” and “Base Block Rate” instead of “HP Recover Amount,” “SP Recover Amount” and “Block Rate Accumulation.” Effect increased.
・Now after defeating bosses, all weapons, accessories and scraps on the map will automatically go to your inventory.
・??? will now appear only after 22F of Endless Mode.
・Damage from thrown materials increased.
・Damage from thrown wepaons increased. Critical Rate will now also affect their throwing damage.
・Element Defense adjusted for various enemies.
・HP decreased for various ranged enemies.
・HP and attack decreased for Cap-type enemies.
・Range for Exp. Weapon Type-S decreased by 1.
・Formula for extra materials provided by the scrapper revised.
Other Changes:
・During boss battles, the camera will now pan towards the Horizon Light when it first appears on the map.
・Accessible maps in the Safehouse will now have arrows for indication.
・When using target-locking Skills, you can now change between your target diagonally.
・Rules for acquiring random Memories revised.
・Defeating objects that can’t move like treasure chests or barrels will now not grant you Memories.
・Various visual improvements.
Bug Fix:
・Fixed the bug that after entering the Journal menu during boss battles, moving will cause the game to crash.
・Fixed the bug that after reading the Forging Journal in the church and triggering the H-Scene, progress in the Safehouse will temporary rewind back to Chapter 2.
(We have received reports that triggering Skewer’s H-Scene will also spawn this issue, but the cause is unknown.
If you encounter this issue, please go into the Dungeon and come back once.)
・Fixed the bug that enemies dying of poison after attacking will cause the game to softlock.
・Fixed the bug that Ore Pile will disappear when sent flying.
・Fixed the bug that enemies will sometimes mysteriously die after using Soul Drop.
・Fixed the bug that entering Endless Mode with items which increase Max Carrying Weight equipped will cause your original Max Carrying Weight to decrease.
・Fixed the bug that dying when using Skills will cause the game to softlock.
・Other miscellaneous fixes.

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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