A Few Days – New Version Episode 8 [Mickydoo]

You are a Private Detective, you scored the easiest case in the world. All you have to do is sit in
a sleepy town and wait.
On your first day of what you believe is doing nothing and getting paid for it, you get roped into doing a little bit of private detecting for someone, which should only take a few days. Hence the name of the game.
Once word gets around that there is a Private Detective in town, a few people start showing up with their petty small-town problems, none of them can afford to actually pay what a Private Detective normally charges, but one by one you keep getting sucked into it, realizing slowly that all is not what it seems.​

Date: 20.09.2021
Language: English
Version: Episodes 1-8
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Episode 8
280 images
2 H-scenes with too many animations to remember (9 or something stupid)
Rewrote part of the chapter 7 after some feedback, you can pick which girl to take on the boat, so if you want to skip through the last ep to do so you can.
There is a very important scene at the beginning with the MC, Charlie, and Casey. What they discuss is not something I made up, on the notes screen after that scene there is a link to a youtube video of where I got the idea from.
I was asked to provide more than one H-scene, I have put two in this one, both are in evening and you can say no to them if you want, it won’t affect the game.
Because of the above, there a few locations you go to just to be told “Hey come and fuck one night”
It’s not as long (well not as big anyway) because of a few factors. One being rewriting some of chapter 7, the sex scenes and I am on those stop smoking pills which sometimes space me out (in a good way).
If you don’t get reference of a bloke with a can of paint (you need your sound on) google the opening of Saturday Night Fever.
I think that is all.
I played through the whole game and found an old bug, I don’t know why, so if anyone is playing from the start and it should all go smoothly, if not I fucked it, which is possible.
A few old typo bugs was reported to me in discord which I have fixed.

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