Come Home : Chapter 9 – New Version 3.09.5 [R.J. Rhodes]

You return to your childhood home to help finding your missing father, while also negotiating about relationships with many other women’s in your life.

Date: 15.10.2021
Language: English
Version: 3.09.5
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Version .3.09.5
Released (2021-10-01)
– Modified affection toggles so that when the player turns off a character’s affection, the box will no longer glow yellow.
– Added hints for the next objective to the character menus.
– Removed the “Nice Dream” scene from the game.
– Replaced nearly every Jackson Burger interior image to have better lighting and backgrounds.
– Removed several images from the folder that were not being used in the game.
– Replaced all Mari, Jamie, and Bai Movie Theater date images.
– Replaced all Mari Bar date images.
– Replaced all Mari Park date images.
– Replaced all Mari Luigi’s date images.
– Modified Mari-5 scene (where Mari invites you inside for the first time) to add better animations and allow for it to happen after any date.
– Replaced all images with Moose and Mal to use their new models.
– Replaced background images for Cafe Skyhill, Ice Cream Parlor, Jackson Burger, Law Office Front, and School.
– Replaced all of Tammy’s park portraits.
– Replaced all of Jez’s phone images.
– Replaced all images in Lisa-4 scene (where she needs help fixing her shower).
– Replaced animations in first scene where you have sex with Kendra in the park bathroom.
– Modified the Jackson Burger screen to where it will show when Connie is working (During the afternoon).
– Added the option to go visit Mari for sex and sleepover after you have told her you love her, when you call her at night.
– Added a “nevermind” option when you call Jamie, so you can back out of the phone call.
– Replaced Dana image where paperwork at her desk disappears.
– Replaced dana77 animation (where the MC fingers her in the file room).
– Replaced an English class image where the MC’s desk moves.
– Added the option to go a second round with Mari when you have sex with her on a weekend morning.
– Replaced Reba 7-1 images where they had black eyes.
– Replaced dana danadesk smile images where her face looked weird.
– Fixed a problem with a variable that would appear when you told Jamie that her butt was what you liked best about her.
– Replaced dana30 animation (where she is masturbating in the file room).
– Added achievements to the game (STEAM ONLY)
– Replaced most of the images animation in the Kendra Go-Kart scene to add better camera angles and depth of field, and to replace the MC’s dick in the following blowjob scene.
– Replaced the image of the e-mail that you get from Whitney.
– Changed the replay for Adrian’s BJ scenes to prevent image variable errors.
– Replaced most of the images and animations in the Lisa7 scene (where she visits the MC in bed and gives him a blowjob).
– Fixed an image in the Tammy fight scene where Sara’s hair is missing.
– Changed the ending of the fight a bit so that if Tammy wins, she hugs her opponent.
– Replaced the animations in fingering and anal sex that happens with Tammy after the fight.
– Replaced all of the Kendra car images.
– Replaced several images and animations in the Claire one-night-stand scene.
– Replaced images and animations in the Suzy scene where she watches Tammy give BJ.
– Replaced images and animations in the Jamie sex scene while watching TV
– Replaced all images where Suzy is driving
– Replaced all images where Jez and Lisa are sitting on the living room couch
– Fixed glitch in Kendra44 animation
– Minor typo fixes
– Added a small note to show that homework doesn’t gain as much affection with Ms. Welch after you get her phone number.

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