Pure Onyx – New Version October 31 IC Test Release [Eromancer]

Pure Onyx is a classic beat ‘em up set in the world of our flagship title, Malise and the Machine. It follows heroine Onyx as she brawls her way through the dystopian streets of New Babylon, where she’ll encounter gangs, crime syndicates, a corrupt police force, and the bio-engineered horrors of the insidious Babel Corporation. It features fully animated, hand drawn art and is styled after 80s cyberpunk anime. Pure Onyx will contain in-game, fully animated H content.

Date: 31.10.2021
Language: English
Version: October 31 Test
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Pure Onyx.exe" to start playing.

Version October 31:
(** indicates items added or being added since the October 18 Inner Circle test release):

** Added the second part of Onyx vs FemCop + MaleCop H Scene (additional SFX and liquid FX coming soon).
** Fixed runtime exception related to custom game resolution handling resulting in game being unresponsive at “Press any key” screen with certain display setups.
** Added Options feature to change default display that the game starts up on.
** Added SFX to the first part of Onyx vs FemCop + MaleCop H Scene.
** God mode now affects Stamina and Exhaustion pools in addition to HP
** Fixed stomach bulge shape during Onyx vs FemCop Baton scene.
** If an enemy spawns outside of or escapes the playing area, a message will now appear to notify you. Let us know if this happens to you so we can document it!
** Fixed missing skin/geo on the Chain Splicer’s LOD model (his junk was floating mid-air, spooky)
** Fixed missing SFX when Onyx is impacted directly with Crawler’s spitball
** Fixed issue where Crawler’s spit projectile would freeze in the air before impacting the ground
** Increased Crawler agro distance (actually, fixed an issue that prevented him from agroing) and Spit attack range.
** Hitting a Crawler will now agro both him and his swarm.
** Fixed floating Larva/Crawlers during combat.
** Added louder Crawler projectile splash SFX.
** Added electrical FX when FemCop’s forcefield spawns.
** Crawlers will no longer face backwards when spitting at Onyx.
Added early version of FemCop + MaleCop vs Onyx H Scene to the Gallery. Expect a significantly extended version + SFX and improved anims in the end-of-month release!
Added optimized (LOD) model for Onyx (should be a solid FPS boost during H scenes).
Changed key toggling in-game console to use key to the left from the 1 key on every keyboard layout. This should resolve difficulties that AZERTY/QWERTZ (French/German) users had with finding the open/close console key.
Surveillance disks no longer drop if you already have the scene unlocked
Fixed critical issue that could bug out (heh) Larva/Crawler enemies, preventing their AI from restarting and making them un-killable.
Added SFX to Larva/Crawler enemies
Added splat FX when Larva enemies are squished.
Added Bite animation + improved GroundHit animation for Larva/Crawler enemies.
Larva/Crawler enemies will no longer “walk” backwards.
Added Spit attack to Crawlers
Added Ground Slam attack to Crawlers
Added time system. In-game time (shown in top-right of menu) now passes when Onyx travels between areas (distance-based), and after H Scene fade-outs. Day/Night artwork hasn’t been added yet.
FemCop can no longer be hit while winding up to perform her Mule Kick counterattack
Eliminated nasty flickering shadow artifacts that often appear at edges of shadows on Onyx and FemCop
Improved Debug Viewer (F1 key) so that collider meshes are actually representative of the enemy’s physics colliders + update in real-time.
Console command history may now be accessed via the up/down arrow keys (while console is open).
Console message log now scrolls using the Page Up/Down keys instead of up/down arrow keys.
Console commands may now be autocompleted/selected via Intellisense with the Tab key. Shift+Tab selects in reverse.
Improved console text and color formatting
Overhauled code services/subsystems; mostly backend benefits but performance gains are possible for lower-end hardware
FemCop’s forcefield now casts a reflection
Known Issues
Here are the newest/most relevant known issues.
Due to some code changes, Street Lord Wraxe can currently get stuck navigating around Onyx and the shop.
Still have to add some SFX + liquid FX for the latest H Scene.
Blocky shading artifacts appear on both FemCop and Onyx if they are covered in liquid while lit by FemCop’s forcefield. This is due to a shader conflict with the newly optimized liquid and the lighting technique used for the forcefield. We’re working on a fix ^-^.
Larva/Crawlers (and Vioreapers too) currently use humanoid bystander behaviors.
Crawlers’ spit attack has a splash AoE where the projectile lands, but FX graphics aren’t in for it yet, so it can appear as if Onyx is hit by nothing if she’s standing nearby a landing spitball.
FemCop’s force field doesn’t emit light properly when the scene is mirrored.
Reflection on Onyx’s shorts looks weird during FemCop H scene. Will fix in next update (I failed >_> soon)!
It’s possible for FemCop’s forcefield to spawn on top of bystander enemies.
Splicer Thug needs new bystander animations before his section of the Chain Splicer’s H scene.
At minimum zoom, you can see the incoming/outgoing Ball Drone used in the Runt’s section of the Chain Splicer H scene before it’s meant to appear.
Some of Wraxe’s combat FX need to be updated to work with new animations. Some may display as being rotated improperly or slightly out of position.
Charger’s hitbox shifts slightly after he charges. If he charges repeatedly this shift can add up to be significant. It will soon correct itself however.
Enemies can appear floating above the shop characters after an H scene, but should fix themselves quickly.
Liquid won’t show on Onyx during the Thug’s solo H scene. This will be fixed soon.
The liquid spurt FX on one of the Thug’s H scene finishers sometimes doesn’t play. We’re aware of the cause and seeing if it pops up anywhere else before fixing it.
Infinite jabs are way overpowered against bosses right now. Jab spam will be changed to a standing combo soon-ish (among other combat improvements).
Street Lord Wraxe sometimes blocks the view of H scenes with his big fat wraxe when he’s a bystander.
Console Commands
The game isn’t balanced that great yet, so some people have asked if there are ways to bypass bosses or get some help. You can use console commands for this while the game is still rough around the edges. Press the ` (backtick/tilde) key to open the console. Type any of the commands below and press enter. Press ` again to close the console.
godmode on/off – Makes Onyx indestructible and impervious to Exhaustion.
onepunchmode on/off – Gives Onyx the ability to kill anything with one attack.
setwave # – Sets the enemy wave to the number specified. Changes will not be reflected in enemies until the current wave is wiped out. If you want to fight Street Lord Wraxe, who spawns on Wave 20, then set the wave to 19 and wipe out the remaining enemies.
setgamespeed # – Multiplies the game speed by the number specified.

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