Proud Father – New Version 0.8.7 Gallery (Full Edition) [Westy]

You are the father of three girls and in the game you will have options to pursue many girls. I will create many different routes to follow.

Date: 24.12.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.8.6G
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Version 0.8.7
Fixed all bugs from previous versions

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Mega Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Mega Download from Aupfile

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239 responses to “Proud Father – New Version 0.8.7 Gallery (Full Edition) [Westy]”

  1. zengoku says:

    0.4 is out share with us pls

  2. Ges says:

    Will you have it on android?

  3. Snc says:

    Apk version pls??

  4. anonFapper says:

    thank you very much mate.
    for full version and easy download.
    hope to see another full version if this game update.

  5. Anomnom says:

    I wonder if there’s a way to make your character NOT look like the biggest white trash scumbag on the planet…

  6. zengoku says:

    new version is out , when u share with us

  7. Michael says:

    Thanks for this. Do you kindly have the android version as well you could upload? TIA! 🙂

  8. Lejol says:

    There is an update with additional gallery, will you upload that also ?

  9. Erik says:

    When is coming update?

  10. Moose says:

    Could you upload the Mac version

  11. Jerry Cotten says:

    ScriptError: Name (u’game/xmas_2020/xmas_2020.rpy’, 1608971633, 1) is defined twice, at specials/xmas_2020/xmas_2020.rpyc:3 and game/xmas_2020/xmas_2020.rpy:3.
    Directory specials does not exist
    Maybe it was meant to be valentine21 instead of xmas ??
    but could not find defintion-point/script for correction – so . . .
    . . . ruined due to sloppy control . .

  12. Rogel says:

    New update is out please share with us

  13. Antonio says:

    New update is out share with us please

  14. asdsada says:

    when next update?

  15. zengoku says:

    new version is out. When u share with us

  16. RosiePosie says:

    Hi! 5.0 is out now, do we have an ETA as to when we’ll get it here?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please upload proud father 0.5 gallery version APK…

  18. Sinker says:

    APK with gallery version please!!

  19. Franklin Das J V says:

    When the 5.0 android version will be available?

  20. teso says:

    Hi, the archive is broken 🙁

  21. araga says:

    cant unzip the file, winrar message: archive broken. downloaded 2 times.

  22. Spaz says:

    Thanks but is this version 0.5 or 0.5 gallery?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, I am not sure but I think that it’s without gallery. This game is very hard to find so we will get additional version little later probably. 🙂

  23. Spaz says:

    Please upload the 0.5 gallery version for pc

  24. Mekakuse says:

    Please upload 0.5 gallery version too for windows.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing

  26. JJ the man says:

    Apk please?

  27. zengoku says:

    easter day update will be released few days ago. Can u share with us?

  28. Jerry Cotten says:

    Still errors with V5
    Day_2 defined at game/day-2 and scripts/day2

    changing directory in script.rpa gives

    File “/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/encodings/”, line 43, in zlib_decode
    error: Error -3 while decompressing data: incorrect header check

    soooo ??

  29. Juke says:

    when will you update to the easter?

  30. Vogrin says:

    Android version, please…

  31. Vogrin says:

    Why do other sites have the Easter version on Android and this site doesn’t?

  32. Heyimhere says:

    V0.6 released

  33. Jeyot says:

    v0.6 out

  34. LiteralLolicon says:

    Hi! Version 0.6 is out now, will it be available here soon? 🙂

  35. Anan says:

    When will android version come

  36. SNC says:

    When 0.6 for Android? Thanks

  37. Kazuki says:

    Someting V0.6?

  38. DJ Sinker says:

    Please release the 0.6 gallery version walkthrough mod apk

  39. JoeMama69 says:

    Ay when is 0.7 coming out?

  40. Mr nobody says:

    Please please please version 0.7.. you did a great job! This game is amazing!

  41. Lonelylemon says:

    My phone wont let me install the app. It always crashes at like 90%.

  42. Alex Jones says:

    Hi, 0.7 is out!
    Please update,thanks

  43. Firi says:

    New update is out.

  44. Chris says:

    0.7 is out!
    Please update

  45. Ishit says:

    0.7 is out, share it with us please

  46. a name says:

    0.07 is up!

  47. Avenger says:

    0.7 is out! Please add it here.

  48. LezzyLoliLover says:

    Hi! 🙂
    Episode 0.7 is out now! Could we have an update?
    Thanks so much!

  49. John Doe says:

    Update to 0.7?

  50. Sammy says:

    Hi! Could we have version 0.7 please? It’s out now!

  51. Cherub says:

    0.7 is out – any chance to get it uploaded here? 😀

  52. cuervo1993 says:

    0.7 just released

  53. Kazuki says:

    Android o.7 pls

  54. Olinom says:

    Android version plss

  55. Vogrin says:

    Android version?

  56. Otto says:

    Mac update?

  57. John says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded what I thought was the newest version. Is it possible to play days 8-15 yet? My game always ends at day 7. Do I need to play a newer version?

  58. a name says:

    JFYI, 7.5 is out

  59. Bob says:

    You got version 7.5 already?

  60. Anonymous says:

    v0.7.5 is already leaked on some other sites.

  61. Kazuki says:

    You will post the uncensored version?

  62. katakuri says:

    0.7.5 out when u upload

  63. Sammi says:

    Hi! Version 7.5 is out now, could we have it please, along with the 7.5 patch? Thanks! <3

  64. John Doe says:

    v0.7.5? It is on your other site, why not here?

  65. A says:

    What’s the difference between this version and version on your other site? This version is ~130MB smaller

  66. Jim says:

    Is it missing a patch?

  67. DJ Sinker says:

    Add Proud Father APK of 0.7.5 version please

  68. Ransis says:

    Uploading Proud Father as soon as the first thing to do after comming back from vacations, you own our respect!

  69. Winter says:

    Do you have the updated version? September 5

  70. Winter says:

    Do you have the new 0.75 reworked version? Thanks!

  71. Lima says:

    Proud Father v0.7.5 Re-work day 1 and 2

    Is it a version 7.5 update? Can you post here?

  72. Lave says:

    can’t it be update again cor android

  73. Koute says:

    Hi, i just tested, and nothing has changed, can someone explain to me what is changing please?

  74. Vogrin says:

    Android version please

  75. xd says:

    this archive is too much large i cant download it on mega pls upload other site ty

  76. Sr.Jabiroca says:

    waiting for the android, was there something new or was it just a rework?

  77. Mc says:

    Need android version of Mos adventure of huge dick plz

  78. Mc says:

    Android version of MOS :adventure of huge dick

  79. Sr.Jabiroca says:

    what is your other site?

  80. my name says:

    Version 0.8 is out now

  81. djsinker617 says:

    Proud father 0.8 is now release please
    Upload the apk version of Proud father 0.8

  82. Jackkane says:

    0.8 is up for download.

  83. Kazuki says:

    v0.8 arrives when?

  84. Yepp says:

    The other site has the gallery version, but on shitty link. Any possibility to get it here on Mega?

  85. mjb says:

    Hello! Could you guys upload on googledrive or workupload please!! Tks…

  86. 4r33lh4rd says:

    I went to other site, i don’t see mega link?

  87. Sr.Jabiroca says:

    please add daddy’s little girls by doc!

  88. depth009009 says:

    please non mega link, they are always capped 🙁

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, I will add today or max tomorrow one more link for download. I am sorry for the waiting, but my internet speed (upload) is currently overloaded with many games and updates which we need to upload. 🙂

  89. Jerry Cotten says:

    Warswhitawe and try to conquer this site –
    No connection to mega possible, displays only zip-pic

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, I don’t have problem to download via MEGA link, you can use Workupload too. 🙂

      • Jerry Cotten says:

        I did that
        thanks for reply

        could possibly have been a monitor setting making download button disappear
        how stupid is that ??
        but those two sites are still active

  90. Sr.Jabiroca says:

    Halloween special!

  91. Charming1 says:

    Could it be possibile to have the Mac version?

  92. Charmingone says:

    Please the Mac version. Thanks.

  93. rey says:

    Update 0.8 including the Gallery version Halloween special!

  94. Jerry Cotten says:

    Is it only me getting that ??

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    ScriptError: Name (u’game/scripts/Play_fb.rpy’, 1618189578, 226) is defined twice, at scripts/custom_start_flashbacks.rpyc:3 and scripts/play_fb.rpyc:3.

    doing a rollback to 8g
    Installing 8h in a seperate direcrory ?

  95. Jerry Cotten says:

    Sorry , i must have missed that
    I tried all the icons , and did not find that at first sight
    but clicking on the scull does not give any progress . . .

  96. Jerry Cotten says:

    my fault , hit start subsequently . . .

  97. derde says:

    After one point i cant continue … it always stop and show this message
    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While loading :
    IOError: Couldn’t find file ‘images/patch/day_4/889.webp’.

  98. Jackkane says:

    admin do you have latest news from west suscribestar?

  99. Anonymous says:

    Update 0.8.5 is out for subs

  100. Kazuki says:

    8.5 is out

  101. down says:

    hey have a link for the update but i cant download it myself because dont have an account for the hosters there, could someone dowload it and maybe send me a mega link or so ?

  102. yep says:

    Any chance for 0.8.5 gallery any time soon?

  103. tidus says:

    Anyone have the hot-fix?

  104. DJ Sinker says:

    Hey when are you adding apk file for Android?

  105. Shawn says:

    New Bugfix Update v0.8.7 Gallery

  106. Penetrator90000 says:

    Version 0.8.7 is now available
    Is it possible to update?

  107. markus says:

    Update 0.8.7 is out

  108. Bakbuk says:

    The new version seems to crash my saves (worked fine in 0.8.5). Anyone else had the same problem?

  109. DJ SINKER says:

    Waiting for the Android version Please Add it As you get time

  110. Mjdhbasj says:

    Add mac version please

  111. jnksam says:

    Add mac please

  112. Hagge says:

    how to unlock the Easter gallery in the game Proud Father 8.7

  113. michi04 says:

    hello can someone offer me the game via another download, it is too big for mega. i would like to prefer workupload. many thanks for your help.

  114. Jerry Cotten says:

    do I need to include Jade for the Harem-Route ??

  115. Chris says:

    latest version also crashed my game but i loaded a previous save, clicked on ‘ignore’ and was able to play the game from there (so load a previous older save).

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