Warlock and Boobs – New Version 0.350.2 [boobsgames]

Krowley always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!

Date: 11.01.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.350.2
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.

*** Gay content can be turned off at the beginning of the game ***

What is new:
New quest. Save before starting the quest. Some part of it can be completed in a different ways, so you may want to reload the save to check out the options.
To start the quest help Fina at the morning after completing the Tea with Milk quest. Also to start the quest Eric should have Mighty sword equipped. He gets it at hunt where you met the Priestess at the end of random generated dungeon with puzzles
Spoiler info about the quest is here.
Carla’s cumflation. Make Big Load potion, fuck Carla in the pussy or ass and enjoy her with big pregnant looking belly. Proper illustration will be shown in her pussyfuking and nipplefucking scene. The effect stays on for 3 days. Potion recipe can be obtained during the quest with Juliette.
Juliette can join topless Friday. Look at Alice dancing topless and then talk to Juliette. You will need 30 relationship points with both Alice and Juliette.
Agnieszka can join topless Friday. Next Friday after Juliette joining the topless Friday go look for Jason at the evening. 10 relationship points with Agnieszka is required
Lust and hunger UI bars are now working properly. In the past they were just gradually changing, but now they are properly changing their length according to the exact amount of lust or hunger you have. It’s probably simple thing for somebody, but I’m proud of it ^^
New scenes:
A few scenes during the quest :)
Updated scenes:
Pregnant goblin girl buttfuck – illustrations added. Scene was already in game, can be triggered randomly when you help Maruna to repopulate the goblin tribe
Carla’s pussyfucking scene – cumflation variants added.
Carla’s nipplefuck scene – cumflation variants added.
New pictures:
Pregnant goblin girl buttfuck (+11 variants).
Alice’s topless dance on the table. Can be seen during the topless Friday if Alice is dancing on the table.
Carla character illustration with big belly. + topless variant.
Carla’s pussyfucking scene big belly variants
Carla’s nipplefuck scene big belly variants
Updated pictures:
Melissa oral scene (+15 variants)
Jenna’s oral illustrations. Small face update
Small thing:
Small change to Eric’s portraits
Change of how Elizabeth Darkwood is playing the music by request.
New pixel sprite for Elizabeth Darkwood when she is playing music. Done by Criss.
New pixel sprite for Agnieszka. Done by Criss, who contacted me on twitter.
New script for Return and Meditation spells
Infinite titfuck with Eric.
Learning Wicked Mind spell from Meril multiple times.
Once again, mushrooms were not respawning. It’s like 5th time I think.
A huge amount of other bugs and text problems.
UPD: Hotfix 1 is uploaded. It fixes the scarecrow bug at the beginning on the quest at some days of the week.
UPD2: Hotfix 2 is uploaded. It fixes the bug with Eric after completing the quest.
UPD3: Hotfix 3 is up. It fixes the bug where new quest can’t be started if the labyrinth dungeon was finished and a few other bugs

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile

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