Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens – New Version 0.15 [Fapforce5]

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens is a point and click transformation game about a young man’s summer adventure.
The game is broken into 3 chapters. The first chapter is the most linear chapter with several side quests planned It’s purpose is to provide the player with an introduction to the game mechanics and the main cast of characters. For the Transformation chapter and Final Chapter my goal is to give the player the option on how and what is transformed on their body.
I thought I would try a point and click game for somehting different. A lot of the art is placeholder (I drew it), I’m working on getting it changed over to a real artist.

Date: 22.04.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.15
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "game.html" to start playing

Sissy School
Modified the Hormone event so it’s more descriptive
Streamlined and cleaned up the mission selection screen
Created a walkthrough with map markers for the different storylines
Still in progress, but many lines are correct
You can skip individual events in the Sissy School
Lola and Eva continutity error
Modified spin the bottle and truth or dare to remove references to stealing their panties and added crossdresser check if they catch you in panties or a bra
Lola and Eva and the Landlord
added several masculine new events so that their storylines in the masculine path are complete.
Updated how you appear to others, added in lewd level. To check your Lewd Level check your appearnce in the mirror.
Makeup Piercing and Tattoos
Able to unlock makeup from the sissy selection screen.
Added nipple piercings (more piercings later).
Able to get tattoos.
Naked Reaction
Added in a number of reactions when you’re walking around naked
Tim and Cindy (Life guards)
Their events are now replayable.

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Mega Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile

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