Lucky Paradox – New Version 0.8.03A [Stawer]

A small town disconected from the rest of the world, where you can enjoy a relaxing season and some interesting places. But there’s a mystery that hides this place, that will change the way you see the world forever…
In Lucky Paradox you play as a good-hearted young rebel in search of his childhood friend, whom he hasn’t seen for two years. Until one day our MC is struck by an accident that leaves him in coma, when he wakes up from the coma and he find a letter next to his bed with an Address. He recognizes the letter from his friend.​

Date: 29.07.2022
Language: English, Spanish
Version: 0.8.03A
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v0.8.0 Public
300 – 360 min of New Content~
21 New Animations.
6 New Events Added to the Gallery.
New Prim Story Content.
New Yui Story Content.
New Charlotte Story Content.
New Mary Story Content.
New Sasha Story Content.
New Maxy Story Content.
New Layla Story Content.
New Liz Story Content.
One Secret Event for Liz.
New Event for Maxy and Tomoe Added (Second Show Event)
New Depravity Event Added (Maxy): Kitty Pet.
New Depravity Event Added (Prim): Blowjob.
New Depravity Event Added (Mary): Hard to Describe, lol
Three New Interactions Added with Liz: Detective, Investigation and Secret Beach.
New Side Girl Gallery Added: Liz.
New Feature: Equip Weights to auto Train Fitness every day. The progression depends on your fitness level.
New Feature: Climb Shoguyama At Shogukuni.
New Feature: Talk With Johan at the top of the Shoguyama.
New Feature: Investigations.
The Conversation Options with Johan Depend on your Progress in the Story. If there is no Content Available, Johan will not appear.
New Interaction with Kaede: Equip Weights
New Bunny Costume for Prim
New Bunny Costume for Maxy
New Bunny Costume for Charlotte
New Bunny Costume for Layla
New Bunny Costume for Yui
New Bunny Costume for Sasha
New Bunny Costume for Mary
New Gift Store GUI for Alice in the Kamen Rainor Shop.
New Gift added for Maxy: Pet Leash.
New Gift added for Everyone: Measurement Kit.
New Gift added for Prim: Blowjob Magazine.
New Interaction with girls: Questions, here you can ask for the age, birthday, height, weight and measurements of each girl.
Profile details added to Prim.
Profile details added to Maxy.
Profile details added to Layla.
Profile details added to Charlotte.
Profile details added to Yui.
Profile details added to Sasha.
Profile details added to Mary.
Profile details added to Kaede.
Profile details added to Shizuka.
Profile details added to Sophia.
Profile details added to Clara.
Profile details added to Liz.
Profile details added to Gia.
New Feature: Birthdays, from now on the girls will be one year old on their birthdays.
A Special nude render when you unlock all profile information with each girl.
New Artifact Investigation System at the Museum with Liz (Now you can unlock lore content with the help of your knowledge).
Six New Artifact added to the Museum.
Two New Hidden Artifact Around Argleton.
You can Talk to Liz to Get Clues About the Location of the Artifacts.
New algorithm to select music in the game, so that they are not repeated so often.
New Theme Songs.
New Background to the Main Menu.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Mary’s Profile for Depravity Events.
2 New Original Theme Song for Sandbox Mode.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Prim’s Profile for Depravity Events.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Maxy’s Profile for Depravity Events.
New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Liz’s Profile.
More Hints added to all the characters related to old events to make it easier to follow.
Fast Change between profiles added.
Hidden Profiles Added, with hints to unlock characters added.
A lot of code related thing less important for the gameplay.
Some typos and text has been fixed
More bugs have been fixed
A lot of QoL changes, but the changelog is already too long to keep adding things, so you will have to discover them by yourselves xDDD

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Download for Windows Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Mega Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile
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