Mystwood Manor – New Version 0.9.3 Full [Faerin]

In ancient woods the realms collide and thus the veil wears thin,
Spirits dwell and dreams shall haunt all those who stay within.
So take great heed and turn away when myst devours your sight,
Lest you get caught and forevermore lie trapped in endless night.​

Date: 29.07.2022
Language: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish
Censored: No

New hot game from creator of mega popular game called “Man of the House” – Faerin.

INC Patch:
Patch Instructions
Just copy the mapping file to the (root) game directory.

For this update I’ve added the remaining guest scenes for Denise, Karen, Martin. I also added a bonus
scene for Isabella.
I hope you guys will enjoy it!
Note: Existing saves can be copied over by moving the profiles folder from the previous version to
this one.
All the best,
• Added a new event for Denise Farrow.
• Added 5 new events for George Goodman.
• Added 5 new events for Karen McQueen.
• Added a bonus scene for Isabella (you can find the hint on the MC’s progression tab).
• Added a new upgrade to the office, that unlocks a new activity.
• Added 4 new event traits.
• Renamed the “flirty” trait to “charming”.
• Julia can no longer get the “underpaid” trait.
• Fixed a bug with the trait points not being set correctly.
Note: Each staff member should get 1 trait per level up (for a total of 4), not counting any
fixed or negative traits.
• Change the room upgrade screen UI.
• Removed hard and nightmare difficulties.
• Removed the gallery tab for guests.
• Auto skipping the results screen now stops when a new image is shown.
• Added a path length limit check at start-up.
• Hidden the play button in the upgrade screen, to prevent bugs with the planning, directly
after an upgrade.
• Fixed a bug causing upkeep abilities from being active when girls are fired.
Fixed a bug causing positive upkeep events to not trigger.
• Fixed the videos in Denise final event.
• Fixed a bug that occured when replaying the “numbers” event.
• Fixed a bug causing a soft-lock after a girl got sick and Julia was assigned to the lobby.
• Fixed a memory leak in the staff and guest screens.
• Fixed a memory leak in image gallery

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile
Inc Patch Download

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2 responses to “Mystwood Manor – New Version 0.9.3 Full [Faerin]”

  1. ole says:

    disappointing from Faerin after MoH which was really good..this games looks better but the dialog is worse and the incest part is gone with or without the patch..the taboo is completely absent in this game..that MC is calling a person “Mom” does not make it incest, here is very clear she is not his mom…..and Faerin should know this and it’s not difficult to please both sides regarding incest and non-incest game…

  2. Atualização para Android

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