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Haremon is a hybrid RPG/visual novel about building a harem of monstergirls, training them in battle, and maybe even seducing them along the way. Strip your opponents naked, cover their bodies in sticky “serum”, form relationships through various lewd and flirty interactions, and eventually bring them home and have your way with them.

Date: 12.09.2020
Language: English
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Haremon.exe" to start playing.

– Fixed a crash when accessing the shop on certain days.
– Fixed a crash in certain early-game battles.
CHANGELOG (Alpha 0.28):
Major additions/changes:
– Added Professor Laurel’s first H scene. It is triggered by a text message upon completing the Trial and Error quest. If you’ve already completed it, importing your save will trigger the text message automatically.
– Added a new story event/sidequest after Chapter 2: “A Warm Welcome”. It’ll be triggered by an automatic text message if you’ve completed Chapter 2, and will take a couple hours to complete.
– Added a simple minigame that can be played at any time after completing the aforementioned story event. Completing this minigame unlocks dialogue and a new Keepsake item.
– Added a new minor NPC. She’s kind of a secret, but you can meet her during the aforementioned quest. This character is NOT romanceable.
– Added more voice acting for Aqua (monarch) including interactions in dungeons, on dates, and in the bedroom.
Minor additions/changes:
– Edited and relocated a previous H scene to occur at the completion of “A Warm Welcome”.
– Increased overall Shard yield from non-boss encounters by a factor of 25%.
– Added two new types of panties: Reflective Panties and Reflective Panties +. The base form can be bought from Kira, and the upgraded form is crafted with it, as usual. Also added Laurel’s Panties.
– Removed the restriction where you can’t talk to Annie while Kira is in the shop. She’ll now just tell Kira to go do something for a while.
– Added a new Research Note about the history of Longwood.
– Merged most 2-part research notes into 1 page, for organizational reasons.
– Slightly altered the Bramble Scramble event.
– You can now back out of the withdraw/deposit menus at the ranch.
– Lowered Circe’s max HP to 45, and Jet’s to 70.
– Your Haremon won’t be displayed on the town screen if you have an unread message from her; this is to prevent the awkward situation of texting a girl who’s literally right in front of you.
– Removed gold vouchers from chests.
– Raised Takedown’s recoil damage from 1/4 to 1/3, and lowered its base accuracy.
– Lowered the base HP of Mr. Leaky and Stinking Violet by 10.
– Breastmilk’s healing amount was boosted (was 25-50%, now 50-75%)
– Added a tooltip to Keepsake items showing whether or not they’re active; also added a tutorial explaining Keepsakes when you first obtain one.
– Added icons to the “tell me about yourself” menu in the bedroom that show which questions have already been asked.
– Improved the responsiveness of the debug console.
– The Crystalline Timepiece now removes choice timers altogether, rather than doubling their time limits.
– Moving between image variations in the Gallery app now uses the bumpers (or A/F), meaning you can go backwards. Also, the current and total # of variations is now displayed in the corner of the image.
– The Haremon displayed on the title screen will now begin with the one whose voice clip is played.
– Fixed the Cowprint Panties showing the wrong healing boost percentage in the item tooltip. Also altered that percentage.
– Added a cuica to the victory theme. Yes this is a very important addition. It’s like a whole new game. (It’s updated in the Special Edition folder too. You’re welcome.)
– Fixed a crash in the beach shop.
– (Probably) Fixed a crash in the Bunnygirl fight.
– Fixed a bug where Horde battles didn’t trigger.
– Fixed a bug where Smokescreen (and possibly some other status moves) did nothing when used by an enemy.
– Fixed a bug where Scarlett’s “Special Training” could be accessed repeatedly.
– Fixed a bug where choices in the Gardens were timed.
– Fixed a bug where some voice clips could play even while the voice volume was turned to 0.
– Fixed an oversight where HP didn’t drop at the correct rate during Rush mode.
– Fixed certain guild quest completion prompts showing up multiple times.
– Fixed a bug where the early-game enemy HP reduction didn’t apply.
– Fixed a bug where you could buy multiple of the same swimsuit.
– Fixed a bug where pressing Back while upgrading a move would return you to the party menu.
– Fixed the order of subscreen icons on the Haremon app being wrong.
– Fixed a minor graphical bug on the settings menu that had been bugging me.
– Added a missing silhouette for the Kitsune.
– Fixed a few minor graphical bugs pertaining to playing cards.
– Fixed a bug where the “changename” command always resulted in a lowercase name. Also fixed a bug where you couldn’t use the True Name.

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