NS-Evolution – New Version [Peter_Leach]

Info: After leaving your job, you decide to fulfill a pending wish, fuck MILFS and horny women and get paid for it by them. Start from scratch relearning how to conquer a woman, but beware, you don’t want her to just fall in love with you … what you want is to fuck her and take her money.

Date: 18.03.2022
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– New videos for the whores – Only Mimmie available in the brothel until all of the other girls renderings are completed –
– New sex simulation system based on time. The scene is now much more dynamic. (read new sexsim changes for details)
– The ability to choose how to perform actions is back. You can select if you want to go easy, hard, playful, or passionate for each of the active positions, in cowgirl is she who will chose the pace of the actions.
– Now she can get tired of riding and ask for a pose change when this happens.
– Option to chose where to Cum.
– There is no longer a condom or no condom question before every penetration, instead the question of using it or not will be one per session.
– New option to Turn On or Turn Off the erotic description.
– New option to chose time passage speed during sex scenes. (read new sexsim changes for details)
– Text Autoscroll when sex scenes is triggered, for free hands and uninterrupted scenes… you does not need to click to pass the text when having sex. (speed also can be adjusted in preferences)
– Now she can decides to stop sex when she is satisfied. Basic random levels of satisfaction for every encounter, for example some days two orgasms will be ok, other days maybe more than two and so on…
– Only one type of food, food no longer affects your fit.
– Fitness and Max Energy decay now only if you stop visiting the gym for several days, food no longer affects.
– Update tutorial.
– A total of 19 new videos for Ellen, Deborah and Sarah.
– 29 new hot videos for Mimmie (head whore) *****renders of the other girls will be ready for the next installment****
– Change on every value during sex will now move up and down gradually with the passage of time. You can adjust at any time during the scene how fast or slow the time inside the game will pass.
– Each female character will have diferent preferences for certain position or paces (to be expanded in future builds).
– She now will react differently to each position and the way you fuckk her in those positions (relaxed passionate, hard…) based on her personal preferences and her arousal state at that moment
– You need to double click on the icons to ensure acces to that position or preference / option.
– Old Save Games will not work.

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Download for Windows Download from Mega Download from Anonfile Download from Aupfile
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