Pizza Hot! – New Version 0.6i [Abelius]

Info: Pizza Hot! is an animated 2D side-scroller game, from the creator of LOK Rebirth (the first one… xD)
Jenny is a pure and innocent college student going to the big city to study interpretation at a top university.
Things don’t go as planned, and she needs to take a part-time job at a restaurant, to pay for her rent and expenses.
This game is a mix of various genres, featuring an actual waitress mini-game, that will evolve into a whaky free-use sim of sorts. ^_^
But above all, it’s a game about sexual discovery, slow corruption, and characters that you’ll learn to love or hate.

Date: 01.08.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.6i
Censored: No

'Extract here' and run 'Pizza Hot.exe'

v0.6.i (2022 Aug 04)
- Grocery not unlocking in every case.
v0.6.h (cumulative from v0.5.d) (2022 Jul 20)
– Jenny can now enjoy Dr. Yoshida’s traditional massage techniques. You can trust him, he’s a doctor.
– New location: Massage Room.
– New stat caps: Lewdness 25, Exhibitionism 25, Kayla 29 (down from 30).
– Backside cut-in.
– Bikini and plain bra.
– Body oil effect.
– Breast-related animations (groping, sucking, etc) now support different cup sizes.
– Sound volume sliders (in Options) and keybinds (- decrease, + increase, * mute/unmute).
– [Technical] Version panels on Main Title screen. Provide real-time info on your current version.
– Stat change toasts will read “Max ” when you reach the current version cap.
– Spirit stat changes are limited to the range between 35 and 65 points (for now).
– Arousal stat gains are now tiered for new events (more details on Discord server FAQ).
– Added ‘masturbation minigame’ checkbox in Gameplay Options. Unckeck it so you can’t lose anymore.
– Can masturbate in bed during the day, with 5+ Lewdness AND Exhibitionism.
– Bed masturbation now raises up to 10 Lewdness (from 5) if done during the day.
– Can get up during afternoon bed relax action.
– Added ‘skip to destination’ options in bus (Day 3+ morning, Day 4+ afternoon).
– Added zoom to shower with Kayla scenes.
– Kayla’s computer volume halved.
– Faster screen fade effect (don’t mistake with load times).
– Responses panel expanded, and removed its scrolling bar.
– Visited places you can’t return to in the same period or day are marked in gray.
– Restaurant game-mode load time reduced.
– [Technical] New hybrid NPC generation method. Load times will be reasonable again. Restaurant game mode takes a while.
– [Technical] Cut-ins meshes optimized.
– [Technical] Build size reduced.
– Kayla washing Jenny’s butt didn’t have facial expressions.
– Map icons BG color-coded incorrectly (green is short walk, yellow is long walk).
– ‘Skip to Day 3’ skipping to Day 4 instead (and not being able to use the dresser).
– Jenny looking the opposite way when talking to Kayla on her computer.
– Turning back possible while moving (not intended).
– Sexy time music continuing after masturbation.
– Back hand sorted under torso in several animations.
– Giant stat change toasts in some scenes.
– Several grammar mistakes.
– Masturbation wetness fading in an endless loop.
– Masturbation wetness not resetting between sessions.
– Masturbation hearts panel incorrectly positioned if camera is zooming in.
– Sexy time music not fading out after first shower masturbation.

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