LonaRPG – New Version [EccmA417]

Info: Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG.
Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this gothic and cruel world.
Explore a grimdark, twisted, and open world where one little mistake can cost Lona her life…
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect her smile?)​

Date: 01.09.2022
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Censored: No

1- Extract & Run Game.exe.
Read readme.txt before you play!!!

v0.7.2.1 Beta
-*added, ElfArcher,WarSister Portrait
-*fixed, boss mama's charge stance stucked when target stay in same XY.
-*fixed, all toilet now use same RB and DEF. and u can collect extra peepoo from toilet(for green enegy fetish)
v0.7.2.0 Beta
-*fixed, chcg1_subpose2_equip_DancerTop layer priority issue when preg > 1.
-*fixed, npc @sensor_freq now reroll each skill launch.
-*fixed, NPC OrcCommoner, OrcClub, skill rewrite.
-*fixed, overkill animation now shorter.
-*fixed, remove Morality decrease from killing fat guys in SMCloudVillage.
-*fixed, rare crash when lactation_level <1 and >0 like 0.5.
-*fixed, saltpeter, Carbon, Oil, phosphorus is no more edible.
-*fixed, can no more disband cocona when RecQuestCocona progress at 20.
-*fixed, all prostitution item reward now use item hash
-*fixed, WIN32API WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString now replace with IniFile.rb.
-*fixed, when combat state stated fade and when max_state >1, add_state(sameState) will not works.(fix "def state_addable?)(note for myself)
-*fixed, Console window redesign.
-*fixed, banditCamp should only summon BanditCampFixedGuard8 and BanditCampFixedGuard2 once.
-*fixed, MAP_VP4_Z from 150 to 1145.
-*fixed, Command_SelfMilking now offer options to milk all at once.(lactation_level must >= 600)
-*fixed, RecQuestAriseVillageApe quest stucked if player visit monkey house b4 accept quest.
-*fixed, SaintSymNormal now a 70 frame holding skill.
-*fixed, BasicControl now a 50 frame holding skill.
-*fixed, Npc Combo skills now will stop update when message is busy.
-*fixed, NoerBackStreet_Nap will crash if thugs is dead during rapeloop mode.
-*fixed, all range attack NPC will try move toward target if no skill in range.
-*fixed, dodge function now works on npc(UniqueBossMamaT2 only, for now)(test)
-*added, ACH RecQuestCocona_28.
-*added, last Cocona Quest line. and ending ship seat for her.(side HEV isnt there yet)
-*added, AidLactation and AidDress to Elise's store. and roll back ItemSexyHeadEquip setup.
-*added, weapon: ItemMhKatana and skills
-*added, Npc: UniqueBossMamaT1,T2
-*added, map: BossMamaDual

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