Milfairy Tales – New Version 0.05020 [LeelaK]

Info: Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master his family sword-style. He is the son of the legendary heroine, who once saved the world from chaos. His mother’s fighting style draws powers from one’s inner sex drive, but she thinks she can’t fully teach him all the principles. So he will have to learn even more from his foxy masters, on how to turn his sexual tension into power! Yet, little does he know that his journey will be the beginning of something much greater and that the land might be in need of another legendary hero soon enough. Join him and his colorful party of sexy Milfs on a magical journey through Milfairy! A fantastic land of many mysteries, protected by the Goddess of absolute love!
Expect a mixture of a traditional JRPG, with combat, dungeon exploration, dating and sex games with the girls from Milfairy! Embark in a story that will join two unlikely star-crossed lovers in a quest to save their world once more and for all!​

Date: 16.09.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.05020
Censored: No

1. Extract to the desired location and run Game.Exe.

Version 0.05020
– Pocket Watch (time switcher) doesn’t cost CP anymore.
– Battles will now give you +1 CP. CP is used for training, mini-games, item colletion, etc.
– Healing Statues are faster now. CP cost normalized to 1 in external areas, and 5 in dungeons.
– Chapter indicator for save files.
– Animation adjustments. New dark spells animations.
– New skills for the characters
– Chapter V dialogues for most townsfolk (Lovefill)
– Chat route added to Dating (Love Love Café)
– Charm will influence how many points of intimacy stats you can raise after talking to a girl.
– Adjusted some skill/spells costs.
– First set of Chapter V main story quests included.
– New area: Lake Serene
-New Playable Character
– New dungeon
– New boss battles.
– Bastet first date added.
– Bastet first LLM scene addded.
– Fixed an error that would remove choice options after doing Betty’s replays.
– New sidequest story (Betty)
– New scenes (Mariah, Bastet, Grace/Valerye, Betty)
– New Dialogue bust art (Mrs Veronica)
– New character
– Gallery Unlock up to #408 (missing 397-398)
– Changed crafting books to key items so they don’t show up in item select lists.
– Ajusted a few more items/skills etc.
– Big one: changed the Intimacy system to update chat mechanics. Could result in
bugs in earlier chapters, let me know.
– Fixed some bugs in Chapters I and II caused by later additions.
– Updated Valerye’s first Love Love Mode scene. (Tutorial) 5/12
– Added two new main quests logs for Chapter II to better inform the player.
– Added new items (chest in Amazon Mountain first bridge), new accessory recipes.

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