Witchcraft – New Version 0.9.7 [Red Silhouette]

You are a girl with magical powers. While studying at the Academy of magic you will become a certified mage.
The game is a mix of girl sim and RPG with adult events.​

Date: 30.12.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.9.7
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

In it I changed the way the music plays, now it will not cut off and start over again when you change location. I have added new sound effects. Working as a teacher’s assistant no longer reduces corruption. It is now easier to gain magical power. I recommend starting the game over by skipping the prologue. Continuing to complete the gallery, it’s still not ready yet, it turned out to be time consuming, and I really wanted to release an update before the new year. Also:
– Continued training with Master Wu.
– Continued at the sex shop. Angelica gets more and more dirty errands, but the rewards are big, too.
– At the dorm Angelica has a roommate named Yula. You can get caught in the bathtub by her boyfriend.
– An underwear photo shoot in a photo studio. I want to repeat this kind of shoot in real life.
– I added a New Year’s Eve event with Santa’s helpers. There’s a little Easter thing in it, it’s a rendering similar to my real photo.

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One response to “Witchcraft – New Version 0.9.7 [Red Silhouette]”

  1. RIP says:

    I really don’t understand why these dev’s have to make scenes that are not part of the MC’s story, like why do we have to see her mentor fuck her husband/bf or whoever he is what does that have to do with the MC and here story??? Then you have to watch how the elf who helped you get forced, that is just sick and for this game to have 4 stars is a joke. It is so bad that half star would be generous for this pile of hot garbage. The story makes no sense and is all over the place with scenes that are not even relevant to the story and the script is 1 of the worst I’ve seen. Don’t waste the to download this cause it is a total waste of time and I would love for any of the 19 people that rated it 4 stars to argue that I am wrong

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