Laura: Lustful Secrets – New Version 1.6 [Dark Anu]

Info: This game is about a quiet suburban family who receive an unwanted visitor and his presence causes a sudden change in the family’s behavior. The question is can a butterfly flapping its wings really cause a hurricane? Play as Laura a devoted wife and discover for yourself…​

Date: 27.04.2023
Language: English
Version: 1.6
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

+ Emma Clean House
+ Dad’s Lunch
+ Stealth Training
+ Marcus’ Punishment
+ James’ Nightmare
+ Photo Session
+ Laura’s EDC
+ Veronica Spy Mission
+ Bachelorette Party
+ 1.5 gallery update
Fix: Cell phone on the hallway floor.
Fix; Gallery events.
Fix: Remove shadows in sprites.
Fix: minor errors

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6 responses to “Laura: Lustful Secrets – New Version 1.6 [Dark Anu]”

  1. Vendetta says:

    Guuaauu !! ahora si que esta genial este juego han cambiado los graficos se ven mucho mejor ahora parece que la historia esta mas entretenida, lo que no encuentro el codigo de patreon para poder vestir a Laura , ayuda por favor , enhorabuena a los desarrolladores , mas contenido interracial y sexo con vagabundos molaria .

  2. Zedyech says:

    Android mega link not working.

  3. Guccifer says:

    Still i can’t play the beach activity in android…..i don’t know why?

  4. Zagatu says:

    Add android link please for new update v1.6 thank u admin

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