A Perfect Marriage – New Version 0.6.4 [Mr Palmer]

Info: David and Anna Parker are a lovely young, married couple with a newborn daughter. Those that know them say they have the perfect marriage. But jealousy and treachery will soon put their marriage to the test. You will control their fate!
Part One is mostly from David’s point of view. You’ll journey through an entire week of his life, and you’ll make decisions for him that shape his personality and the course of his marriage.
Part Two is mostly from Anna’s point of view. You’ll journey through the same week as Part One, but you’ll see it from her point of view, and you’ll make decisions for her that will shape her personality and the course of her marriage.
Part Three will continue the story beyond the first week, and this is where the real action will happen. Your decisions in Part One and Part Two will set the course for Part Three, and during Part Three you’ll see things from both David’s and Anna’s points of view as they deal with tough times in their marriage. Will you save their marriage or destroy it? Your decisions will impact the conclusion!

Date: 03.05.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.6.4
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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Download for Windows Download from Filesadmin Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Filesadmin Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , File size: 601 mb Creators: http://www.patreon.com/mr_palmer

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19 responses to “A Perfect Marriage – New Version 0.6.4 [Mr Palmer]”

  1. Shalen says:

    When will you be adding the updated version

  2. Monika says:

    Update soon plz i can’t wait 🙁

  3. Ghost says:

    Really.! Do you call that an update pls stop this release game and 2 update with nothing!!?

  4. me says:

    Always find it funny when people whine about free things like they are suffering some how….Enjoying your take on literotic story please continue….thx

  5. Jace says:

    Where is the apk version of the latest update?

  6. Ajdd says:

    I read somerwhere the developer Died, is that treu?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, I checked now and it isn’t true mate. Everything is okay with the developer and he is working on new updates. 🙂

  7. Ury says:

    Android version update, pretty pretty pretty pleeeeas 😀
    Love te game, 5*!!!

  8. Charles says:

    Android link for new update

  9. Shanks-Br says:

    The game is getting better and better, and may it continue like this, I hope the creator comes up with a scene of Due suspecting his wife’s betrayal at some point, it would be great too; she thinks he cheated

  10. fly says:

    New update is now available. Please upload it here

  11. w van schaik says:

    All the NTR and cuckold sissy’s are happy with this crap .

  12. Matcha says:

    Boring game

  13. vendetta says:

    Guau!! este juego se esta poniendo super interesante, no tarde en actualizar por favor, por cierto ojala el desarrollador incluya contenido interracial con Anna seria genial,buen trabajo sigan asi.

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