Wizard School Exchange Student – New Version 0.4 [Bluewitchgames]

Info: Play as an exchange student from a foreign land that has come to Scotland to study at the prestigious Hogwarts. As one of only three exchange students accepted at this year, and with a past that has seemingly been intentionally obfuscated, the corridors are already buzzing with debates about this new boy and just who he might be.
As a student, you’re expected to fulfil your student’s duties. Go to classes, revise with your friends, and pass exams. Make friends and enemies. And, perhaps most importantly, enjoy all of Hogwart’s balls and parties.​

Date: 18.05.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.4
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v0.4 [Current beta release on Patreon]:
The school days continue, along with some additional extracurricular activities, both school related and most definitely not. In a strange turn of events, you also end up stranded at a Mabinogion stronghold. Disguise yourself and find a way out.
Main storyline continues
Gallery for all the art as it’s unlocked
New zone and quests
2 new days and quests
Daily quests (7 total atm, small events involving different characters which run parallel to the main progression (days)
New Merula quests
New May quest
New Nurse quest
New Concord stuff
Small changes to systems, small bug fixes, small unlocks around the castle like extra fast travels you can buy, new rooms, new small resource

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One response to “Wizard School Exchange Student – New Version 0.4 [Bluewitchgames]”

  1. Frnk82 says:

    Is there no way of turning off the fn earache inducing music if not this game is a bin job

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