SnakeByte Blue – New Version 0.0.2E [BackAlley_GYC]

Info: SnakeByte Blue is a porn parody of Great Y Comics’ SnakeByte comic: a VERY adult reimagining set in a fantasy, action-packed world. You take the role of a pragmatic young girl who is given the task of tracking down an ancient source of power, before the world falls into a state of corruption at the hands of an evil goddess.
This is slow-burn, RPG MAKER title, with tactical turn-based grid combat, and includes the entire prologue and two minigames – making half an hour of content, 4 H-scenes, and two re-playable “job minigames”.

Date: 09.08.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.0.2e
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

0.0.2 (E) Changelog;
–Added “Bandit’s Hold” Map to “Iron Mine” Dungeon
–Created Assets for “Helena Backbreaker”
–Added “The Panty raid” quest when gaining the trust of Helena Back-Breaker
–Added “Mountain Clan Fail” gangbang scene
–Added Kayostla Corrupting Mountain Bandits scene
–Created Assets for “Grishnak ThreeDong”
–Added “Gain orc’s trust” Quest to the Lumber Camp
–added Grishnak Sex scsene
–Added Kayostla taking over Lumber camp scene
–Kyrsten art updated to reflect her SNAKEBYTE REBORN attire, increased her bust size. Police and Bunny suit also updated to show off “Lucky reds”, Hair, eyes etc.
*Please note, this is just the start of the major art overhaul for the project, and only affects Kyrsten talking pictures. All other art is being worked on.
–Kyrsten Sprites updated.
–Added “Hooray” emotion pic for Bunny and Police Suit
–Kyrsten Corruption Pics for all outfits
–Serra/Charen/Parents react to current quest
–Added “the Gym” to Brewlor Manor. Kyrsten can now gain a small amount of EXP but get tired, or a larger amount in exchange for needing to sleep right after. Intended for lower level players.
–The Tour Quest updated to include the Gym
–World Map Skittling now have different arenas and despawn after defeat
–Put a cap on corruption for side characters (they can max out at 27 and not become Kayostla Puppets) to stop any story content being soft locked early. After Cycle town this will be removed.
–Side Characters now react to the Cycle Town Quest
–Rio, Sonya, Serra, and Krischara all have dialouge for the Panty Raid Quest, and different outcomes
–Quick travel to power Station added (Talk to Pikz Ryan at dungeons)
–Kyrsten now loses more Corruption from Jobs the higher corruption she has (Kyrsten at 33+ corruption will lose 5 corruption from jobs, whereas Kyrsten 5+ corruption will lose only 2 etc.).
–All game conversations now show Kyrsten’s corruption level via clothing skimpiness, but characters don’t react for now
-Bug Fixes
–Fixed the loading screen bug after Shaman Fight
–Fixed Patrol Rewards not showing up
–Fixed Mine Bandits getting stuck in a cycle of Grabs without and sexual scenes playing
–Fixed Physical Guard stat not applying to enemies (Physical Guard is now subtracted from enemy base damage to a total of at least 1)
–Fixed bug that made Kyrsten move about nude when Countdown clock runs out
–Fixed not being able to claim reward in kris garden if wearing police uniform
–Fixed Kyrsten outfits changing when talking to Charen in Bunny Suit
–Fixed grammar and spelling mistakes as well as costume changes when talking to parents

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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