Corrupted Kingdoms – New Version 0.19.8 [ArcGames]

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Date: 15.08.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.19.8
Censored: No

Extract to a new folder and run.

Viola: TWO new naughty events with Viola (just talk to her in the bar after meeting her)! To get the second event just be naughty with her a second time…
Version: The cutscene bug still isn’t fixed in the Android version, and it looks like it’s a problem with Ren’py itself. So for now I’ve reverted back to 7.5.2. All your saves should still work, but I’m ready to upload an 8.1.1 version if anything goes wrong. Sorry about this, everyone!
Bug: Players could get access to Jessica’s car earlier than intended on replays
Bug: On meeting Lyx in Act Three, MC would reference Molly even though she may not be there. Obviously they are soul-bound through space and time!
Bug: Some of MC’s text was appearing underneath the girls’ paperdolls in the rehab centre
Bug: Fixed a graphical issue that was making MC’s right arm show up twice during the meeting with Viola. MC is Eldritch confirmed!?
Bug: Viola was showing up in her “true(?)” form when visiting the Cosplaytime store. She has now been hidden again!
Bug: Pregnancy checks were throwing up error messages. Now the only thing throwing up is the expectant mothers! … gross
Bug: TypeError when trying to invite Claire on a date at the club has been fixed. That girl certainly knows how to say no!
Bug: … and lets it fall. With a sudden movement he darts forwards and, raising his arms wide… enfolds the Dread Arc in a hug.

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Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from Filesadmin Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin

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