Afterparty – New Tech Demo Version 2.1 [Tiny Meat Games]

Info: Afterparty is a real-time adult RPG created in Unreal Engine 5​.

Date: 23.07.2023
Language: English
Version: Tech Demo Version 2.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

HELP if game won't run: Afterparty requires that your hardware supports at least DirectX 11, though it is recommended to have DirectX 12. Ensure your graphics drivers are updated, and that they are obtained from the official website from your card manufacturer (Updating drivers via Device Manager isn't always reliable). If it still won't start, navigate to "Afterparty\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us" and run "UEPrereqSetup_x64.exe"

Tech Demo Version 2.1
•Updated the engine to UE 5.2
•Lighting artifacts on AMD cards fixed
•Time of day is now kept track of across levels
•Fatal error when choosing clothing visibility has been fixed
•Fixed issue of NPCs not opening doors
•Added a failsafe to NPC AI in case they get stuck
•Revamped the entire object interaction system using sequences
•NPC AI is much more stable now
•Fixed issue where jiggling left boob would also jiggle balls
•Fixed piercing misalignment issues
•Fixed inventory and wardrobe item swap/duplication issue
•Can no longer open the inventory during sequences
•Prerequisites binary is included in game files
•Large code cleanup for character classes and actor components
•Head tracking improvements
•Fixed belly button piercing selection
•Updated the menu system: Now includes options for toggling GI method and reflection method, also DLSS works correctly now
•Performance improvements: Shadow casting on small props and foliage disabled. LODs reworked for groom hair. NPCs stop rendering at a certain distance to the player. Swapped out some rect lights for spotlights and point lights
•Head no longer disappears when activating a sequence in first person mode
•Head is no longer missing from player shadow in first person mode
•Keyboard can be used to select dialogue options
•Mouse no longer hides when right clicking to exit pause menu
•E button added to rebindable controls
•More gamepad support
•Sequences are now skippable by holding space
•NPCs now react to weather (No more tanning outside in the rain!)
•Fixed a number of issues with clothing equip conditions and visibility toggle rules
•Modifying NPCs in the inventory works much better
•Save and load system has been improved
•Improved lighting in character creator
•Improved hair shader
•Support added for frame generation (Requires Nvidia RTX 4000+ series graphics card)
•Mouth thick and lips thicker morph sliders no longer show twice
•2 new female hairstyles

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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