Unnatural Instinct – New Version 0.5 [Merizmare]

Info: After a year of separation from your family who moved to a new house, you come to get to know your family again,
but on the other side, meet new people and save the princess from the castle, oh no, this is from another game.​

Date: 09.09.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.5
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Warning! Starting from version 0.5, loading old saves can lead to unpredictable errors, even computer explosions (bad jokes), so, starting with version 0.5, begin a new game!
Day 5, 480 new images and 8 animations.
In version 0.2, when you first meet Nelly, the option to choose her gender has been added (old saves don’t work correctly because of this).
All images and videos are now compressed, so the game takes up less space.
There are some minor interface improvements, with the most significant one being the ability to hide the text box (dark screen behind text) in the game settings.

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Racaty
Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from Filesadmin Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin

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4 responses to “Unnatural Instinct – New Version 0.5 [Merizmare]”

  1. Nahhh says:

    Another game without choices, there’s only one path, BORING ‍

  2. hwyfmb says:

    yo, update the mega link, game looks nice i wanna play it, thx

  3. All says:

    What the he’ll the Mc’s mother has the face of a child l, the mc doesn’t have a saying in anything and he changes his mind way to easily a bit of a pussy

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