A Wife’s Phone – New Version 0.3.0 [Bloody Ink]

Info: A Wife’s Phone is an erotic text-based game with elements of cheating, NTR, mind control, feminisation, transformation and much more. The player takes the role of a husband whose life was no different from that of any ordinary man until one day… One day, the world around the man began to change. While uncovering the secrets of his friend’s wife and trying to figure out what is happening to another man’s wife, he begins to question the fidelity of the one he loves. And that moment, he discovers a very unusual app. Its main features are… Well, you’ll see for yourself.
The game is designed as a simulator of a phone on which you get messages, follow the profiles of women on social networks, spy on them using a special app and control their minds.
Remember that your support is very important to me. It helps me continue working on the game. It is the only way to let me know that I am doing something other people enjoy.​

Date: 10.09.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.3.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Version 0.3.0:
25k lines, or 140k words, have been written for this update. So, this is the biggest update so far. And, yeah, this time, I actually counted the words instead of simply providing an approximate number. About 130-140 videos and 300 photos have been added to the game (I also used most of the photos that were present in the images folder but weren’t visible in the game). Now let’s move on to more important things
I’ve decided to let you know which branches will be added to the game or will receive a continuation. I believe this information can help you decide if you should subscribe and get early access to the game or save your money if the new update isn’t quite your cup of tea. So, here’s a list of all the branches that will be updated (or added to the game):
Talay -Salim(5 steps, Talay’s relationship with her husband becomes a bit worse)
Talay -Cecilia (9 steps, Cecilia meets new people and loses her virginity)
Talay -Benjamin (4 steps, the branch of one of the possible boyfriends of Cecilia and Talay; has sexual content)
Cecilia-MC (21 steps, the MC becomes Cecilia’s first boyfriend)
Talay -Zac(3 steps, Talay is forced to fire Zac)
Talay-Adam (7 steps, Talay flirts a bit with Mr Adam)
Talay -Antony(15 steps, Talay’s new driver has feelings for her)
Talay -Irvin(11 steps, a friend of Talay’s new driver seduces her)
Talay -dom MC (9 step, the MC blackmails Talay and makes her do certain things)
Talay -good MC (5 steps, the MC gets to know Talay through Cecilia and starts a romance with her)
Wife’s Sis
Wife’s Sis – MC (13 steps, the continuation of the romance between the MC and his wife’s sister)
Wife’s Sis – Steph (26 steps, the continuation of the romance between the wife’s sister and her Black colleague)
Wife’s Sis – Jean (5 steps, the wife’s sister starts a romance with the new head of her department (short))
Wife’s Sis – Her Boss (7 steps, continue seducing the boss (short))
Son Feminisation (24 new steps, the son meets Jenna; the transformation is half complete; sexual experience (a lot of content))
Son-Ahat (5 steps, they continue talking and flirting with each other)
Sissy Son-Greg (10 steps, Greg learns about the son’s transformation and invites him to spend the night at his house)
Stepsis-Neighbour (13 steps, Stepsis meets her Black neighbour and makes him feel good)
Stepsis modelling (29 steps, Stepsis starts a modelling career)
Stepsis-Office work (26 steps, Stepsis meets her colleagues (some of them get very close to her))
Stepsis-Joshua (10 steps, a dark-skinned stranger starts sending dick pics to Stepsis and hitting on her)
Wife-Boss (20 steps, the boss makes the wife attend special meetings with him)
Wife-Christina (12 steps of FFM with the husband; 13 steps of FFM with a Black guy; continuation of the FFM content; Jenna starts talking to the wife about MMF)
Wife-Jenna (24 steps, Jenna keeps trying to persuade the wife to try BBC, goes partying with her and teases the husband. The wife takes her first steps to becoming a QOS)
Wife-Sharing (Anissa) (15 steps, new adventures of the MC, his wife, Anissa and Jax)
Wife-Pupil (17 steps, continuation of the romance between the wife and her student, Eric; the wife gets to know Mrs Sins (Abella Danger); the wife starts tutoring Eric at his house)
Wife-Colleague (15 steps, the wife’s colleague, Eric, starts blackmailing her and makes her do certain things)
Wife-Fuckstagram follower 1 (10 steps, the husband and the wife flirt with a follower and trade pictures with him)
Wife-Fuckstagram follower 2 (2 steps, the husband gets to know a horny follower)
Wife-Fuckstagram follower 3 (10 steps, the husband and the wife flirt and trade pictures with a follower; the wife meets up with him (or maybe she doesn’t))
MC-Niece (48 steps, the continuation of the niece’s branch with several outcomes (good outcomes and very… unusual ones))
MC-Lena (9 steps, the MC starts a romance with the wife of his colleague; his colleague is somehow involved with the niece)
Sub MC-Jenna (7 steps, Jenna focuses on dominating the MC (feminisation content will be available in the future))

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from Filesadmin Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin

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14 responses to “A Wife’s Phone – New Version 0.3.0 [Bloody Ink]”

  1. w van schaik says:

    Put some effort in a game you lazy son of a bitch , this is a money grabbing scam .

  2. I have no idea why the other comment person commented this is a money grabbing scam. The game is free. I’m asuming there’s patreon stuff but most adult games have those. Anyways I normally do my bigger reviews in YouTube comments but I can’t find a YouTube videos 3on this game so I’ll do it hear. I’ll start with the stuff I like. The aspect ratio making the game look like a phone screen is great. It really makes the game unique. Also the porn being live action makes it look good by default. Though I hope the video was paid for and not stolen. Now for the stuff I don’t like. The biggest problem is I can’t see the dialog options. Every time one pops up, I have to make a save and keep reloading until I get a dialog option I want. It’s really annoying. Also I wish you could avoid the cheating images your characters employee sends him like you can with cheating images that come later in the game. I’m not into NTR, I just give games with the NTR tag a chance since some of my favorite games have it and it’s avoidable. Also it shows options to raise a characters stats yet you can’t pick any for the wife. The employee is trying to corrupt the main characters wife seems to be the main conflict so being able to use the app to keep her from getting corrupted would make sense. It’s really annoying the main character hasn’t thought of doing that. Welp, that’s all I have to say about the game. I’ll give it a 1/5 since it seems like your character getting NTR’d isn’t a for gone conclusion. Though I won’t go any hire then that because your forced to see images of women cheating on they’re partners. Although if your into NTR I’ll recommend this game.
    Rating: 1/5
    Hopes for future releases:
    1. I hope the creator makes the dialog options readable.
    2. Making it that you can choose not to see those cheating images near the beginning like the others later in the game.
    3. There’s a continuity error were your character’s employee says she’ll give him another opportunity to cum on her face even though she’s never offered that before. I’m assuming that happens if you make cuckold choices. I hope the creator fixes that.
    4.those hypno images hurt my head. I hope the creator makes them go slower.
    5. The option to get the wife pregnant. Of course not the actresses getting creampied. That would be dangerous. Have the wife talk about it off screen.

  3. Sam says:

    Please update the game

  4. Capt.Daddy says:

    This is just another cuck game,meant to further diminish being white. just like all NTRMANS games,all the MC’s are pasty white or a weird shade of grey. Be proud of your skin color,but never be ashamed weather your white,black,brown,yellow,or tan. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A CUCK!!!!

  5. Key glockz says:

    Why isn’t there android version available?

  6. Pgr says:

    Please update to the new version

  7. Hegi says:

    When will the new update be released

  8. Jk says:

    Can someone tell me how to continue the story of mark and the wife I can’t procede in it

  9. Virat says:

    Please tell me how ro proceed to mark story

  10. TBC says:

    Android link not working, says it clashes with a previous versions or something, does this mean I have to delete the old version and redo it? Been playing for hours and don’t really want to do that if I can help it!

  11. Nomad says:

    Best game ever! BloodyInk add please MC’s mom or mom of his wife. Thanks!

  12. Tactrix says:

    Ok this is easily one of the best games on here, but we need to have a chat about the features and how they work. First the obvious bug, whenever you have a conversation with your son that whole stack is bugged past a certain point, and his picture disappears and the entire line disappears, and then whenever you do anything it gives a huge error that you have to ignore.

    Now with that out of the way here’s some ways that will drastically improve this game.

    #1 remove all the icons on everyone’s phones that do nothing. I understand some of them will do something later on, add them later on, don’t leave them there now, because they’re just clutter and they don’t help.

    #2 fill the ENTIRE day with things to do, because what happens now is in the morning and afternoon nothing happens, then everything happens in the evening, and maybe an event or 2 occur at night.

    #3 add more features to fuckgram, right now they add 1 picture and then that’s it, the messages don’t work, as far as I can see there’s no inherent storylines with it, and there’s no added layer of interest since it doesn’t do much. If you can make that into a whole second layer it will really help.

    #4 I’m not sure what purpose money serves paying for your company, it just seems like a really unnecessary thing to have in the game entirely, because it wastes time for no reason, and btw there’s nothing much to buy so having a job is just a choir that takes away from the immersion.

    Fix those things and this game will rocket into the stratosphere with success.

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