A Wife’s Life – New Version 0.3.5 [Kerosine_NTR]

Info: The plot of A Wife’s Life centers around a young couple who have just gotten married and moved to another town. As the newlyweds settle into their new home, they face financial problems, which lead to a series of events. One day, the husband finds out that his wife has found a new job. He really doesn’t like her new job. But what is he supposed to do? Should he get his wife to quit her job or support her to get rid of their financial problems? What will the consequences of his choice be? Play A Wife’s Life to find out.​

Date: 07.07.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.3.5
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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8 responses to “A Wife’s Life – New Version 0.3.5 [Kerosine_NTR]”

  1. peter says:

    good game but the wife is a real airhead…seriously?? the MC is a bit of a limp wrist as well. still a pretty good game but would be nice if the MC could have more of a backbone and FYI…the whole black cock thing is or has gotten really stale.

    • Aman says:

      do yooooou have more games like this one? i need it

    • peter says:

      play a wifes phone, its really good as well. theres a few others like that but this one is the best(my opinion for what its worth although a wifes life is shaping to be good, I just hope the dev keeps up with the choices0

  2. Bakajoko says:

    I dont understent, like i now that MC is a cunt but once he fucking good the boss daughter, second his wife screeming “im cumming” and from nowhere i read that he has small cock and he cant last long? And this bbc bnwo shit is to much for me..

  3. peter says:

    dev…please keep up with the choices man, so many of us hate NTR purely because u have no choice e.g. you have to let the guy fuck ur wife etc or you can choose no) It makes such a difference between a good game and a waste of time

  4. peter says:

    well (spoiler alert) turns out the wife is a fcking whore…I shouldve guessed. MC is a whipped soon toi be if not already cuckold. man how good could this game have been with some choices…I can see where its heading..instead of divorcing the slut and punching the hot out of the guys fcking her the MC is gonna go all but I love her so I’ll just sit by while u black guys fcuk my wife… total waste of time now.

  5. Ragajaga says:

    As far as phone perspective games go this one sucks. The story is rushed, makes almost no sense and the only story defining choices you can make are if your secretary likes you and wont cuck you. 1/10 rating, hurry up and get your “game” done with and return to real life

  6. mohangutti says:

    Waiting for complete version. Please make it happen soon cause its been a long time since previous update.

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