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Info: A young man who spends all his time reading light novels while trying to forget his horrible life suddenly finds himself waking up in a fantasy world. Will he be able to use all his knowledge of anime tropes to create a harem like all his favourite protagonists, or will he still end up being a loser?​

Date: 24.05.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.050
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Netorare God; Netorase Devil V0.050 Patchnotes:
Reworked: The party system has been revamped! Party members may comment on their surroundings and gossip with the protagonist. You can turn it down or off from the party menu [Hotkey ‘V’]. You can toggle the party menu by pressing the heart icon (top right).
Continued: The main story has been continued to introduce some of the new characters as well as the locations.
Added: Actual Replay System. Scenes can now be replayed through the replay room accessable from the player’s bed during the evenings.
Added: A new heroine is unlocked! Esthar, the Ice Queen, has come to the town of Wyrdwood in search of something and will be teaching at the academy while she stays.
Added! A new villain is unlocked! Varrick, the pretty boy, is a young noble brat who’s always teasing the protagonist and has an unhealthy obsession with his “landlady”.
Added: 2 background images (Merit Hall, Lecture Hall)
Added: 3 new scenes (The Popular, The Ice Queen, and All For A Hug)
Added: 3 new maps (Academy Library, Academy Merit Hall, and Academy Aether Halls).
Added: Morning/Day/Night System! As certain events are played time moves forwards, some scenes can only be seen at certain times, and depending on if you’re solo or in a party.
Added: Esthar has a new default outfit and pose!
Added: Varrick has a new default outfit and poses!
Re-Added: The Saphira lake masturbation scene has been added back, but only as a replay accessed from the replay room in the player’s bedroom.
Bugfix: There is a menu highlight to better see what is being selected or hovered during menus.

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