Report a forbidden content

Adultgamesworld has a zero tolerance policy against child sexual abuse content or any content that can be harmful to minors. Our Terms of Service clearly state that no such content will be tolerated on our site.

Also as we have over 5500 adult games in our database from different creators (and it’s growing fast), sadly we can’t control content of every game but we can act quickly to remove any game with such content.

Please inform us about any game which might have forbidden content on our mail [email protected]

Include next informations if possible:

Name of the game:

Url of the game (on our site):

Your name (or name of the organization)

And details (if you have to write something):

We will review a game and if report will be legitimate, game will be removed forever from our site as soon as possible. We will also contact you with the result of your report. Thank you for understanding!

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