Into The Nyx – New Version 0.20R1 [The Coder]

Info: The P-virus has spread to the outer colonies leaving most of the males impotent. A handful of males are immune to the virus. New earth society got these men onboard the Artemis and it's sister ship the Uraina. Both ships set course to new earth for advanced research, however under strange circumstances both ships are damaged. Uraina has been hit the worst and is presumed lost.
You being a lucky person were a last minute addition who's travelling on board the Artemis. Presumably you are the last potent man known to science. The secrets to the cure lie within you. Artemis being a small ship is running out of resources, drifting away, lost in space. Will the crew be able to save themselves? Will the research pay off for the good of mankind? Jump aboard and find out what Artemis holds for you.
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Date: 07.06.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.20R1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Version 0.20R1:
We have further refined the gameplay mechanics based on your feedback. Your insights and suggestions have played a crucial role in shaping this update.
One of the most notable additions to this version is the expansion of the storyline. We have carefully crafted an intriguing new chapter that will take you deeper into the world of Into The Nyx.
To enhance your visual experience, we have rendered an assortment of 388 stunningly detailed CG’s. We understand that your feedback is important in our continuous improvement, and we eagerly await your thoughts on version 0.20.
Game Content:
80 stunning new renders with one 1440p res multi-frame animation
Multiple new events with multiple characters.
New Features:
Updates Sandbox location expansion
Added support for wide camera animations
Menu updates so it’s less intrusive
General Stats:
~1,756 dialogue blocks
~430 photo-realistic images
Backend Changes:
Bug Fixes:
Breaking Changes:
Knows Issues:
Other Notes:

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