Forbidden Den – New Alpha 2a [White Vulture Studios]

Info: Forbidden Den is a business simulator mixed with a VN/Datesim.
The story narrates the ordeal suffered by the protagonist when his father is kidnapped by a terrible gangster.
With the help of his friends, Diego (the protagonist) will save his father and bring to success the bar, to which they have dedicated all their life and effort called Forbidden Den.
Current State: The game is in an early stage of development; the intention of this demo is to show the intentions we have with the game, We plan to expand the depth of Tycoon, taking management from a simple bar to a complex nightclub packed with NSFW content.​
NOTE: Please avoid using the fullscreen mode, is causing some bugs.

Date: 06.01.2024
Language: English
Version: Alpha 2a
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Alpha 2a 2023-01-06
We have expanded the building, now you can put in more services without feeling crowded.
Kiiro has finished the artwork for Laura’s scene in the Bar, although this was redone given the past controversy, Kiiro reworked the drawings and gave them a higher visual quality than they had previously.
Chit-chat System, we have been working on a system that allows the player to chat with the main characters of the game. At the moment you can only access to some basic dialogues of Laura, but the intention is to extend this mechanism so you can have more interesting conversations with Diego’s friends and even know anecdotes, preferences and hobbies.
We have added some basic decisions to the existing scenes, we want the game to have a bit more interactivity during the scenes, so we have added a few decisions that, at the moment, have no consequence beyond seeing a unique dialogues.
We have tweaked the interface to give it a little more consistency, as well as added a sound to the objectives to improve the feedback to the player.
We have added a couple of decorations, we know that the decoration system is still very rudimentary, but we have added a few more that will help us to improve the system.
You can now skip dialogues quickly by left-clicking and moving the mouse, we recommend you advance in the dialogues using the space bar cause using the left clic can skip the dialogues you don’t want to skip.
We balanced the tycoon gameplay a bit.

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