Comix Harem – New Event Classic Days + Promo code for 10e of ingame currency (Online Game)

Save the world with your dick

Are you ready to give it your all and fight evil with the super weapon between your legs? Enter an exciting and arousing world where comics heroines need sex to restore their superpowers! Be the hero, create your own harem of the horniest comics superbabes and defeat opponents in thrilling sexual contests.

In Comix Harem, you'll enjoy a real RPG with tons of uncensored adult content for free. Explore a mirror universe of video-game and comics-inspired girls, recruit them to your team, grow your harem, and build up your super-powered sex heronies to defeat other players in strategic battles!

With a great dick comes… a lot of horny super chicks. Comix Harem is a comics-inspired multiplayer online porn game. It’s brought to you by the creators of Hentai Heroes: the famous hentai RPG with manga parodies and some very kinky content. Comix Harem is accessible for free on both desktop and mobile devices

SuperHeroines oncomixharem


Are you ready to save the world with your super dick? The Adventure is where you will meet Bunny Girl, Cougar Woman and dozens of other horny heroines. Every world comes with several quests full of mystery, suspense, A LOT of fucking and a sex-crazed super chick to add to your ComixHarem.

Begin City - is where you will penetrate this world of endless sexploits and adventure. Don’t skip the tutorial- consider it the foreplay to the satisfying and lewd main (inter)course that’s coming.

In each world:

● You can find a super villain who is keeping girls away from you. It’s your duty to save them and offer them a safe place in your harem. You will win them over by engaging the villain in a sexual performance: Whoever is better at satisfying their harem - WINS. Just a tip: Better equipment improves your chances at winning, although drop rate is random. But whenever you DO win, you will get awesome rewards.
● Just like in real life, quests require energy. Once you empty your bar, you can recharge with the special in game currency Kobans. Or if you prefer you can just wait for it to recharge itself. YOU decide how you want to play!
● And again, just like in real life, quests may take energy, but you get experience(XP)! The XP you collect in your adventures will allow you to level up, become stronger and progress further into the story.
● Each world ends with the juiciest reward: a horny girl for your ComixHarem. Speaking of which...

SuperHeroines oncomixharem

Your Harem

The SuperHeroines crave you, because you buff their powers and give them extra energy. They want to be part of your harem so that they have access to your magical tool whenever they need it. How can you say no to them?

● Because you help them regain super powers, the girls will pay you for your time. The super heroines have different rarities and hence, they will reward you with different amounts of Yemen.
● The more soft currency (Yemen) you have, the more things you can buy to improve your harem.
● The more you level up your girls, the more Yemen you will receive.
● Every time you level up a heroine in your harem, you will get to see her in action. Namely, she will lose parts of her costume and you will see her hot affection scenes with you. (You can always go back to the NSFW visuals- just click on the little stars).

Leveling-up a girl, giving her experience, improving your equipment?
> Just go to the Market!

You can choose amongst various equipment items from the Shop. Each one of them has a certain effect on your stats. In order to be stronger in battles, you will have to choose a class and buy equipment and boosters to make your performances against the villains and other players the best they could be. But you should also shop for your girls! Books give your girls experience points, making them stronger in battle and Gifts help them level up, which means more Yemens for you and less unnecessary clothes for Them!

You get to perform against other heroes and their harems in the Season’s feature. Every month there will be a theme and a special girl that you can win after performing against other powerful heroes. Pick a team of your strongest and most flexible sex heroines and enjoy the sex-off. When you win, you will get Mojo, XP and Affection for you girls.
And wanna see your place in the Harem hierarchy? Just click on the Leaderboard in the Seasons!
The other performances are against the villains! Beat the villains and get various items, money, XP and most importantly - girls!!!

SuperHeroines oncomixharem

Let’s go to the Night-club!

Are you feeling lucky? Just spin on the dance floor and get a girl for your harem! The Night-club is one of the most exciting features: you have three different Nightclubs to get wild in. You have Great, Epic and Mythic Night-clubs which have different rewards and different girls. Success is guaranteed: you will always receive amazing rewards: from much-needed equipment to sought-after girls. The drop rate is random

Wanna play it safe? Guarantee yourself a Heroine plus tons of epic and rare items, if you have the currency for it, that is.

SuperHeroines oncomixharem

If you are done with the quest and you are impatiently waiting for the new one, Comix Harem provides a lot of other Activities for you to partake in. Just go to the Activities tab and you will find Daily Missions, which will give you special skills, but not only… You will also get Kobans, XP, money, special orbs to use in the nightclub and items! In Contests you can compare your performance with that of other players and win different rewards. Even if you don’t place high, don’t worry! There’s always a new Contest for you to participate in!

For every day that you log in this horny world, you will get an awesome Daily reward. And every month you will have special intriguing and stimulating events that will bring you out-of-this-world gorgeous babes and rewards.
So what are you waiting for, Hero?
Put on your cape!
Take off your pants and come put the super in the horny

Classic Days


Are you ready for some turmoil?

You have until the 10th of January to get six horny superheroines to join your Harem. The beautiful Bionic Babe will be yours if you complete all the Daily Missions.

Compete against other superheroes during the new Steel & Style Season, and you can get Fenceromp and Executie for your Harem.

Give these technologically advanced babes your boost!

Join the biggest comix porn game
SuperHeroines oncomixharem

All new players that have registered with our link and used #PornCentral as a promo code will receive 10 euros of ingame currency.

SuperHeroines oncomixharem

Date: 01.01.2024 - 10.01.2024
Language: English
Version: Online Game
Censored: No
Developer: Kinkoid

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