Dreams To Catch – New Version 0.033 [A Dre@mer]

Info: This game is choice-based. A mysterious beauty will unsuspectingly enter the MC’s life and will change his life, for the good or bad is for you to decide. While progressing through the game, you will discover the mysteries about the MC’s past and his feature, and there are multiple endings to explore. This game is a combination of Fiction, Fantasy, and Sci-fi and a sequel to My Dream Girls and A Split Existence.​

Date: 01.01.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.033
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

INC Patch:
Replace it with the content in the game folder, and it works.

V0.033 :
Part 5/5 of the merger and the main story progression are added.
MC and Nurse Joanna XXX scene at the hospital.
The evening of the picnic’s 2nd day is updated. .
The night for the picnic’s 2nd day is updated.
Minna’s 3rd day of Picnic Event updated.
Miss Sweet’s 3rd day of Picnic Event updated.
John’s 3rd day of Picnic Event updated.
The mysterious water goddess is Introduced.
Introducing Samantha, Monica’s Youngest Daughter.
Introducing Melissa, Monica’s oldest Daughter.
New bathroom scenes are added. ( More will be added in the later update.)
Depending on your choices, you will encounter six events on day 3 of the picnic.
Fixed several of the dialogue from the merged game as well as the main game.
The hint button has been updated.

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin Download from Aupfile
Inc Patch Download

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14 responses to “Dreams To Catch – New Version 0.033 [A Dre@mer]”

  1. Dale says:

    The phrase where you find out you are broke keeps repeating , there is obviously a bug here.This is on android

  2. Dale says:

    The link for the android version does not work

  3. Dale says:

    I get redirect to mix drop and invalid kicket ID , that site is crap and it has so many redirects too

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, the uploader who is porting Android games use Mixdrop, we will upload it now to Apkadmin and Gofile so you can choose. From recently you will find Apkadmin for all games so you don’t need to worry and always let us know if Mixdrop is the only link for the game, and we will upload it to some mirrors. 🙂

  4. Dale says:

    Despite it saying in the description the loop is fixed , its not the milk errand then going to watch the movie then getting kicked in the face lopps abd lopps , im starting to think this dev is incomptent

  5. Dale says:

    Still looping , when id this going to be fixed

  6. w van schaik says:

    WTH old men on young girls whatever , but old men with piss stains in their undies and ass fucking the girls that’s a bit to far , it only makes me sick .

  7. Dale says:

    This game is broken pile of shite , looping on the get the milk , something alcoholic , then movie time then he gets kicked in head repeat , rinse repeat

  8. dale Jenking says:

    Getting better , got through to day 12 then loops when you go in the kitchen catch the girl the bathroom then loops again after the kitchen you give her the rum and suddenly the end of day 9 ?

  9. rufruf says:

    Dreams to catch?
    I would say mc caught dreams alright.
    And that is all he caught.
    Everyone else is heavin sex except MC. He is going around entire game, playing peeping Tom, recording sex of other people or naked people and shit that Pervo Toms do.

    There was one sex choice actually and it was with beaten to death woman.
    MC recorded dude beating woman to death, raping her, dude left, mc rapes woman as well.

    Rest of the game starts showing heavy fendom, man wearing gimp mask and strapped to some shit device.

    Thats what the game is.


  10. djj says:

    The game crashes after the prequel latest version , jesus christ , there is always bugs or loops with this game

  11. dj says:

    theres a loop after day 10 then goes back to day 9

  12. Ruvert says:

    Hey the game is crashing again n again in android

  13. mike says:

    i got to day 12 by just choosing different choices but death loop back to day 9

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