The Incorrigible Sway – New Version 0.5.0 [Dirty Secret Studio]

Info: You’ve wanted to be a superhero your whole life, but you’ve never been special enough. Still, you got a job in Paragon City to be close to all the super people and their super problems. You just started your job with the Genius Foundation, you were just making sure all the labs were well stocked for the super people, but all that’s changed now. Your wife Michelle crashes through a brick wall and attacks the lab, and your lab assistant Seyah. You barely escape with your life, but in the process of escaping you are exposed to RGX271, a research chem that effects pheromone production. And suddenly you’re one of the special people.

Date: 26.02.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.5.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Bug Fixes
– Removed the Patrol minigame
– Rebalanced the girl’s quest advancement (now advancements require different Love levels)
– Added Base Improvement Quest
– To start, gain 4+ girls in your harem
– This adds new options for jobs for the girls
– You can improve the base into either a Community Center or Night Club
– Each of these unlock new jobs for the girls
– Expanded punishment system in the dungeon
– Adjusted spankings
– Eat off the floor
– Time Out
– Drawing Lines
– Added new character: Viscountess
– She will come investigate the base after day 25
– Michelle (your wife) can now join your harem
– This is part of progressing the main quest
– Trainer
– Trainer requires Girl to have 5+ Love to access now (except Seyah/Quiver)
– Added an Automated Trainer function to the Trainer minigame for various stats/effects
– Added new move: Finger Anus
– Quiver
– New Date: Team Up with Barbariana
– Spriggan
– New Plot Event
– Made base bedroom sex a repeatable scene
– Trophy Wife
– New Plot Event
– New Date: Normal Bar

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