Hail Dicktator – New Version 0.65.1 [Hachigames]

Down on your luck, you suddenly receive a letter from an uncle you never knew you had. He offers you a job to manage his tropical island resort. You find it’s full of beautiful women and a strange culture of punishment and reward. But perhaps the island itself is even stranger than the people that inhabit it…
Build friendships and fall in love with the girls. Punish or reward them. Follow their stories. Explore the secrets of the island, upgrade the hotel, build more facilities. Maybe one day, you will become the new ‘Dicktator’!
‘Hail Dicktator’ features fetishes of all kinds already available in the game, including bondage and feet. Version 0.1.0 has more than 80 total scenes and around 45 events with more than 650 high quality renders.​

Date: 22.03.2024
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish
Version: 0.65.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

* ~220+ new renders (~450+ with animations)
* 7 new animations
* ~14 new scenes
* Anal, Vaginal, BJ, Toys, Bondage, BDSM
* Climax of current main arc starts
* Side arc continued

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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9 responses to “Hail Dicktator – New Version 0.65.1 [Hachigames]”

  1. Jerry Cotten says:

    gets a red ! saying doesnt function properly
    so i restored to 13.8 and lost 60% of progeress
    where did the saves go ? from day 74 to 180 ) or so?
    already finished the Kidnapping and start with with Diva entering again ?
    Maybe related to a system-crash ? do not stack the save on C-drive . . .
    NO WAY . bye game – delete , though it was nice but no time ro replay it all
    anyone has a save file after V13-8 ?

  2. EndlessWar says:

    help at buying anna drug seems your source code is blocking the buy options

  3. Zima says:

    Very good story but the sex scene just normal

  4. kartik says:

    Good game but it gets hanging problem the furthermore we go

  5. GhoSt says:

    Thank you man i was hoping that I could sleep with scarlet thanks

  6. smallSoldier says:

    0.37 ruined it. Since this Update the Game does Not start. Obb Missing. I Downloaded it in the reqested folder but still “obb missing”. Hours of playing gone for nothing… Sorry but I really dont want to deinstall, reinstall and start again the whole Game from the start.

  7. elpowo14 says:

    which character can you tickle? Alice, Yuki and?

  8. Geroge says:

    Its posible android? Please

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