Unaware in the City – New Version v34d Basic [Mr. Unaware Studios]

Info: Plot – Take control of a 21 years old woman, barely old enough to drink, design her how you like and then dump her into the heart of a metropolis, known as The City! Decide who she talks to, what place she works at, how she performs her duties, the control is all in your hands… err hand. Have fun with a dynamic world as conversations and situations change based on your choices, your physique, how you respond and your skills! Everything you do can have a ripple effect. Be prepared for a world that is as uncaring as the one we live in. People won’t always treat the main character nice or they may be really helpful, like helping her out of a dress whether she wants to or not!

Date: 30.03.2024
Language: English
Version: v34d Basic
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

v34d (March 19th, 2024)
Fixed clothes shop event introduced in v34c.
v34c (March 12th, 2024)
Few small tweaks & bug fixes.
Multiple tweaks to the existing dialogues.
Fixed a problem with building the game on Android.
Some tweaks to the clothes during scenes, such as being dressed while outdoors or not wearing shoes in beds, etc.
Added an event with 5 new animations and in 2 variants – either by entering a fitting room or by buying clothes. BUGGED!
Added 4 more animations for Dr. Braun, and he will choose one (out of 5) randomly while ‘working’.
Disable Pregnancy cheat now also removes the current pregnancy state. (EX only)
v34b (March 8th, 2024)
A few tweaks.
Added 2 muscular body types, requiring 150 and 200 maximum energy. They will revert back at 125 and 175, respectively. These are fully optional and can be disabled in the settings.
Dr. Braun at the hospital can now restore Jane’s virginity.
After posting an ad to find a flatmate, they will return every 3 days if rejected. Jane can remove the flatmate ad to stop them from coming. Accepting a flatmate will also remove the ad.
Max Energy & Max Cleanliness can now be cheated in the stats window, in addition to the current values. (EX only)
Replaced the old formula for gaining stats & skills. They are now harder to gain by 0.5% per point (e.g., at 60 LW, gains are reduced by 30%). This change aims to prevent players from maxing out stats instantly after accessing more content later in the game. It will have minimal impact on the early game. With the addition of the new trait system, progression is still faster than in v33.
Entering a men’s toilet in the park can now end with a sex scene.
Two thugs might appear while Jane tries to take a shortcut through the RLD Alley.
The Panty Hunter at the RLD Alley will occasionally want to buy panties. Requires a skirt to trigger.
Buying something at the local store can attract a pervert.
Added an animation while Dr. Braun is “working”.
Re-made animation with Ben fingering Jane in her bed.
Re-made 3P doggy style animation.
Multiple bug fixes.
Fixed Event Sheet not showing clothes requirements.
Some fixes to the male sorting order of torso/legs.

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Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin Download from Aupfile

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