No escape: Game edition! – New Version 0.29.2 [Scriptor]

Info: The story follows Kathleen, a down-on-her-luck girl trapped on the same prison ship featured in the comic No escape! Tossed inside one of the VR-pods the story seems over before it has even started… Until she suddenly gets help from a mysterious benefactor! Now Kathleens being forced to dive into all sorts of smutty and rubbery simulations in an effort to escape her predicament! But beware, these simulations are designed to turn even the most willful girls into submissive rubber pets… Can you help Kathleen navigate the dangers of the simulations, or will you make her fall prey to all sorts of kinky bad ends? Either way if you like latex, rubber, heavy bondage, dollifcation, non-con (and con) perils and/or rubbery transformations then this is the game for you!​

Date: 17.03.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.29.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Fixed a few issues Recall rooms; shoutout for Candiru for giving me a hand with this! ^^
– Fixed a bug with watching the three times captured scene of Iris in the recall rooms; gave a black screen.
– Added ~395 new images to the game!
– Added the woodlands and deep woods, the first “dungeon” areas of the new fantasy RPG VR-world!
– Added the first “common” enemy to the new fantasy VR-world, the farmhands! You can find these raven haired ladies patrolling the woodlands to the west of the castle town.
– Added to farmhand escape sequence! Having been blinded by the farmhand through an tight fitting enclosure hood, Kathleen must touch (and smell) her way to freedom. (Also comes with a small variant scene if Kathleen gets caught 3 times in a row.)
– Added the hucow fail-state! You can find it by not escaping the above sequence; and it sees Kathleen being added to the herd of “cows” locked in the farmhand’s barns!
– Added a trap to the deep woods; the “cherry bulbs”! You can find these in the deep woods area; mindful of any weird dark spots lest you be snagged up by one!
– Added the first mini-boss to the new fantasy VR-world; the rubber pixie! A mischievous (and malevolent) girl, she’ll force Kathleen to play one of two “games” with her…
*One of these “games” she’ll ask Kathleen to play is “tag” (her mini-boss fight): Which has a special intro the associated fail-state if Kathleen loses to her second super attack (amber spewer).
*The other of the “Pixie says”: Basically a kinky version of simon says. Also comes with a separate intro (scene) into the associated fail-state!
*Or Kathleen can just be a horny slut, and step into her doom willingly: If she enters the plant willingly a special path will open up that can unlock a soft-vore scene for Kathleen during the associated fail-state… It will only play if she REALLY asks for it though. >;3
– Added the rubber flower fail-state! Found by losing to the rubber pixie (one way or another), this fail-state sees Kathleen becoming a pretty flower… And source of “food” for the pixie! (Bit of soft-vore in this one; though not with Kathleen herself (unless specifically unlocked during the above branch)).
– Added the following sprite-work generously provided by Tonkatsu: Rubber flower pod sprites!
– Added the following sprite-work generously provided by Fimotro: Base rubber pixie sprites (slight adjustments made by Scriptor), farmhand sprites.
– Added self-made spritework: Ranging from the cherry trap, plant-vines, “magic fruit” plants and some more (misc.) stuff.
-Typo correctionsssssss
– Fixed a bug in which Jack wouldn’t respond anymore to the “status of the escape plan?” prompt when progressing far enough into the game.
– Fixed a bug in which if Kathleen gets the master key on the serving route first, shows this to Eleanor and then afterwards finds (and shows) the bolt cutters to her as well, the dialogue would proceed as if Kathleen has just showed Eleanor the master key for the first time.
– Added interaction sparks above the statues in the adventures guild; to make it clear that those statues in the side room also have some fluff on them (mainly about what became of her party members).
– Added some new sfx and bgm for the new events: Ranging from cow moo’s to new music tracks for the new areas.
– Added a new item: Plant-be-gone! A “special” usable item like the disposable blade, rubber dissolver etc. it function is to get rid of plant-based obstacles and restraints. You can find it in Iris’ shop!

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Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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