Project «Mnemosyne» – New Version 0.16 [Fint Games]

Info: Your life seemed so ordinary and predictable — study, football, future plans.
But a single phone call changed it all! It was your parents urging you to embark on a journey.
But what kind of a journey is it going to be?
Why were they so insistent on you going?
The only beacon of hope in this situation is your charming (sometimes cheeky) companion,
who will be at your side no matter what happens.
Are you ready to discover the truth behind it all, and to find out what made your parents send you off?​

Date: 27.04.2024
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.16
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Added over 400 new renders.
Added 3 new achievements.
Added 2 erotic scenes.

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8 responses to “Project «Mnemosyne» – New Version 0.16 [Fint Games]”

  1. My opinion says:

    This game is predictable, College, spin the bottle, sex instead of study and why not trow a clothing show in it in the future, lets make it original like the other 100.000 games.

    • Reaper says:

      Because they never intend on finishing it and just trying to make some quick money from people who like to waste money on garbage. 99% of games that are not original end up abandoned or rushed or they start adding ever kind of fetish they can think of without any story to make more people pay them.

  2. Cas says:

    On fab nation they deleted all the comments accept the one from the dev, because this pos was trashed.

  3. rufruf says:

    He/They/w/e, completely rewrote the game.
    And removed all loser content.
    It’s actually readable now. And it has some promise.

    It’s salvage attempt , will see will it manage to gain popularity.

    • rufruf says:

      What he needs to do now , is to add most popular demanded girl or few of them (like Vivian). Asap, and write up solid story that follows. Basically continue what is done in remake but at faster pace.
      That is only way to get it back in the race.

      • ykyuol,jh says:

        Nah it was very predictable and boring. I skimmed through the game and the sex scenes are terrible and it is just your classic MC does nothing and gets all the girls by just looking in their dierction. For me it makes it be more like a kinetic novel because all roads leads to stud MC.

  4. rufruf says:

    After more reading i take what i said back.
    Story is ….
    ‘little girl’ thinks she is a tough cookie and decides she will flirt and seduce local shithead.
    And she does it publicly. While mc is being groomed to help them hook up.
    You with me so far?

    Anyway , so she goes to seduce the shithead ,everyone knows and even thinks that she is in love and try to persuade mc to help them get together. And then she decides instead, she wants to give shithead a cold shoulder and ditch him.

    shithead corners the girl nearly rapes her, while mc’s ‘best buddy’ is guarding the door “Dont go in, leave them alone” he says.

    shithead clocks the mc, with a single girl punch (dude if you clockout from a single punch of a 18yold, you should run home , suck on ur toes and never get out of the house, cuz world is fcking dangerous place! )

    If writer wanted to induce anger and portray a loser mc. He succeeded

    • rufruf says:

      Do you know, how most highschool rape cases happen?
      Precisely like that above.
      Except rapist wont corner you in your room, he will corner you where no one can see you, without witnesses. And he will succeed.
      After the fact you can “scream wolf” , he will say it was consensual. And entire school will back him up, because everyone saw you going Hard flirt on him and he “feeled you up” publicly and you didn’t object.
      Play with fire and you will get burned. Life as you know it will be over.

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