The Copycat – New Version 0.8.0 [PiggyBackRide Productions]

Info: Don’t you just hate it when it’s your first day back at school and your bully is waiting for you?
After your father was murdered in a brutal killing, you thought the relentless bullying at school would slow down, but it only got worse. While struggling to fit in, can you break out of your shell and become popular or will you watch your bully spoil the family you have left? As if that wasn’t bad enough, a serial killer roams loose in St Louis, will he eventually set his eyes on someone close to you?

Date: 07.06.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.8.0
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Slim Jones discusses the possibility of starting a family with the married woman whom he’s having an affair with. The only problem is …her current husband.
– Jason is tormented by the memories from the previous evening, but what did Monty mean by taking care of the problem? Jason is forced to take action to ensure the safety of his only remaining family member, but will it land him in hot water yet again?
– Nora decides to come to Vegas in support of her friend, but how will this affect her own fractioned family? And will there ever be a way back if the gang gets hold of her?
– Jamal wants to punish Gretchen for turning on him, or has he found a new plaything altogether? Does he even need her anymore?
– Gretchen struggles to navigate the gang politics as she knows there is a difference between being useful to the gang and being used by them.
– Calicoe wants Gretchen to help him in his divide and conquer tactics against treacherous gang members, but what about Gretchen’s fleeting loyalties?
– Savannah is out partying with A-list celebrities, but does Jason fit into her world? Can he really measure up against this kind of competition? Is there something he can do to retain her interest? Or is his name already forever branded on Savannah’s shit list?

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28 responses to “The Copycat – New Version 0.8.0 [PiggyBackRide Productions]”

  1. Black Dragon says:

    Father brutally murdered, bully at school gets even worse (probably they’ll cuck you) and to make everything better, you have to deal with a serial killer roaming around.

    That game is a nuclear bomb, lol xD

  2. Cas says:

    Dev’s name is copycat, i guess because he copy’s all the other trash games, with a weak MC, monster tits and a black pos that fucks his family. But hey, all the cucks will stand in line to pay for this shit.

  3. Jay says:

    The point is that so far the game lets you choose either to be a whimp or try to stand for yourself

  4. Cool dude 69 says:

    Next update?

  5. Cool dude 69 says:

    Love this game, can anyone suggest me some more mother netorare games like this? I have already played Mother NTR Training, My mother kyoko and some more.

  6. Jay says:

    Played 0.03, changed my mind, not possible to make significant choices, MC is a loser.
    Another junk game

  7. Auditor says:

    Good game I love it, few people make NTR, so I appreciate it, it’s my favorite style

  8. MomNTRlover says:

    Thanks for updating this game, I’ve been waiting for the next update since the last update.

  9. Chillax says:

    I wouldn’t have minded the ntr in the game but jesus christ even the not so fucked up choices still get you fucked up. I wasn’t prepared enough for it, still gonna watch out for this tho cuz so far it’s interesting. Maybe the mc would chad up and like a game I played and torture those idiots by sticking a dildo up their ass hehehehe hahahaha HAHAHAHA… Uhmm, my bad.

  10. Atro-pop says:

    I downloaded 0.0.4 for 1.8 gb and now 0.0.5 is above 200 mb, what’s the difference.

  11. MomNTRlover says:

    Android please.

  12. Rocky the Rebel says:

    Where is Android version we want update from that I give this game 5/5 but mc would be more 2 choice one violence path another just give up super story line but we want also update for Android

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, we will post links for Android in 10 min. 🙂

      • Rocky the Rebel says:

        I want to suggest that Our hero is mc y u giving weak storyline about mc the 2 choices didn’t work we want strong that mc character with ntr and choice is all about the players

  13. Thicc says:

    Can anyone here have walkthrough? May i? To finish this game v0.06. please help me.

  14. JabraSucks says:

    Hi, I just want to ask If you have the Original O.06(GB version) version for android for some reason I can’t read the text message between the mom and the Bully…Thank you☺️

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, sadly for this version we have only unofficial port but if original will be available, then we will add it as soon as possible. 🙂

  15. peter says:

    Just finished the game and what a fucked up ending??? has anyone else ended it yet? Seems like the dev rushed it too me and not much thought went into allowing players to have alternate endings. Maybe I missed something, you do get a few choices and I might have chosen the wrong one but I doubt it. seriously the mother was a complete air head and deserved to get her brains fucked out by all the BBc. As for the young son, he’s just a limp wristed cock sucker with no balls or spine. was a good read till the ending..shame. I might go back and see if I chose something that gave me a a bad ending.

    • Rocky the Rebel says:

      Bro he can be hero that scene available between.milf son let’s see in future how the story revolves

  16. peter says:

    mm,hero you say? okay well apart from the things we discussed I enjoyed it so Ill see if I fcked up somewhere…sham,e if Im stuck with the lame arse ending though as i wanted the son and mother to reconcile. Ive done some coding myself so I know what goes into these games..the devs have my respect for that but I shake my head at most that go to all the trouble of the months of coding and then fcul it up with poor models or forced storylines..( cmon we all love choices…(who would want to be a cuck if they had a choice hey?)

  17. Aaa says:

    Android version please

  18. Rocky says:

    We want Android version of this new pls upload as soon as possible

  19. Releker says:

    Android link pls

  20. 100p. says:

    download links here is for 0.7v, update pls

  21. Rocky the Rebel says:

    Next update soon as posible

  22. peter says:

    hm downloaded it thinking it was a update but its more or less the same. Pity really. I read the changelog but I dont think those changes listed are worth replaying.

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