New Beginnings in Japan – Chapter 2 – New Version 0.6.1 [Shikharsfree]

Info: New beginnings in japan revolves around a girl’s life who’s lost her memories due to an unknown event in her life where everyone but her knows the past , how will her life unfold? How does the others around her handle it? All of that is upto you!

Date: 15.06.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.6.1 (Chapter 2)
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Ch. 2 v.0.6.1
– Updated Content
– Fixed the variable bugs in innocent path

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Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
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42 responses to “New Beginnings in Japan – Chapter 2 – New Version 0.6.1 [Shikharsfree]”

  1. w van schaik says:

    Where are the developers who don’t do this black on white crap .

    • Grimm says:

      That is not the issue, the issue is making it seem like that what every white woman wants and the black guys are always treating them like crap in these games. Plus why do all dev’s think woman are dick crazy even when they are lesbian this is just stupid, go make a male MC game and stop making crap like this

      • Dragonrage says:

        Not the issue? That’s exactly the issue, this dumb fetish is pushed steadily by a very vocal and obnoxious minority. It IS an issue, thank you very much!

      • Ninja87 says:

        Are you releasing a game as you seem to be an expert would you tell me when your game will be released i`m really intrigued to see what you come up with

    • Ninja87 says:

      Ah a racist when your brain eventually develops intelligent individuals may take you seriously until then i`d advice against letting your anal passage do your thinking

    • xXx says:

      So, white can have it all but you are offended when a black takes white chick eh? A low life racist red fking neck

      • ParvatiOph says:

        Go cry somewhere else, trash. You are the garbage of modern society, delete yourself and do the world a favor!

      • Bubbahotep says:

        A BLM terrorist/looter has no rights- Go cry somewhere else because Target and Wallmart are leaving your country, retard.

      • Matteo Torricelli says:

        Stop blackwashing white culture, then we’ll talk.

    • where says:

      He didn’t even mention the Asian like it nothing unusual. Like Asian girls are meant to be a slut. Narrow minded racist retard.

  2. Gangrel says:

    Another shitty cuck game no one wants.

  3. Dragonrage says:

    Horrible game and fetish, what a dumpster fire.

  4. Shikharsfree says:

    Dev here , for everyone just a little heads up

    The post is not made by me hence it only showed the intial scenes and so you’re confused that’s all that the game has , the mc litreally moves to japan so there are no other people the scene you see in the images here are literally just the intro which mind you is fucking optional , so maybe before using your “review” for being a racist cunt perhaps play the game?

    I get it some people don’t want a black guy on white girl sex and that’s fine too , hence i’ve given an option to literally avoid it.

    Please use brain cells next time instead of typing like a dafted monkey on a keyboard.

    That would be all , and to the poster that made this post kindly use better renders of the game lol.

    • ParvatiOph says:

      Keep your beta cuck fantasies to yourself, soyboy. Normal males don’t want that in their games.

      • Shikharsfree says:

        Oh yes certainly normal males play hentai games on websites instead of doing something productive with life , right?

        I make this project because i like it , and like i said you don’t want the black guy scene , fine ther’s an option to literally beat him up , avoid , skip it .

        So the reason is quite simple , ya’ll are just hiding behind this being a racist , which honestly is expected from a lowlife redneck anyway.

        Lastly , for others that are playing the game , all the encounters are optional and skippble in the game , so whatever you don’t like , Simply S K I P It , no one is forcing you to watch it (:

        That’s all , and for those that did enjoy the game thanks.

        • DirtyHarry says:

          You’re a joke of a “developer”, you don’t get to pat yourself on the back.

          • Shikharsfree says:

            Aw too bad the joke dev actually gets paid for doing what he likes and doesn’t have his dick in his hand crying about a game not being vanilla trash or whatever cuck simulator you play.

            See let me make it easier for you , You’re nothing but human filth that could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn’t make a damn difference.

            So hey i’ll keep patting my back on the patrons i get , meanwhile you go ahead and cum on your own face and lick it nice and slow lmao , later shithead.

        • Prajek says:

          Newsflash, mr Cuckold: being called a racist nowadays is a badge of honor.
          I’m sure you’re some sort of left leaning woke, GenZ garbage.
          I mean, you’re a porn game “developer”, how much lower can you get?!
          Find a decent job for yourself, like a plumber. I make more than 1000 euro a day, even if it’s a dirty job, at the end of the day you get rich and keep your wife/gf happy, because women only care about attention, money and validation.

          • Shikharsfree says:

            Fun fact , I’m not an actual developer , I’m an market shop owner for clothing so you’re wrong there first of all.

            Secondly like i said , I do this for fun and hey if it pays me then that’s just icing on cake

            Thirdly, being racist is badge of honor? Well seems someone hasn’t read what happened to the cops that killed floyd.

            Lastly are you a tate watcher or something? cuz that woman comment is quite a proof of how much of a virgin cunt you are lmao.

          • Shikharsfree says:

            Also let me get this straight you earn thst much & have a wife & yet play hentai games? LOOOOOOL sas ass existence so who’s the cuckold now? cuz you seem quite experienced in it.

            Seems like while you type these reviews your wife’s getting shagged in the other room kek

  5. Prajek says:

    A dumb fetish is for dumb people only; stop posting these cringefests, we are not interested in the Kalergi’s plan implementation. It’s already annoying that we’re supplying those ukranazists woth weapons, we don’t need more of this shit.

    • Shikharsfree says:

      Oh boy here comes the average fox watcher.

      Hey how’s tucker doing?

      • Prajek says:

        How’s the default going for you yankees? Go decorate your underbridge ‘home’, bitch.

        • Shikharsfree says:

          I’m not american so not even sure what that reference is however considering it came from you i’ll presume its just trash or horse shit coming out of your mouth , but hey newsflash america isn’t the only country in the world so maybe say something that makes sense in the English language at least.

          Oh also secondly , how’s your life going? Bet you’re nailing every pussy you see aren’t ya? lmao

          Just fuck off , I’ll make the game i want you can keep crying meanwhile.

          • Prajek says:

            I’m not american either, pendejo. As far as pussy goes, I’ve got mine on tap, since I’ve been married since 2018. It must be hard for you to have any game with that basemment of yours, Mr. Cuckold.

  6. Matteo Torricelli says:

    New day, same old shit.

  7. Igeo_Sawaguchi says:

    Yeah, no. This dev is as bad as Cpt Kitty, he’s just another guy in love with bbc scenarios wgo doesn’t know shit about the actual japanese culture.

    • Shikharsfree says:

      Dev here , did you play the game ? I’m not going to say any abusive words here but a question , did you play the game? Did you even reach the part wher the mc reaches japan? It might actually surprise you but the girls in the renders aren’t the fucking MC , secondly the content you’re mad about is literally avoidable , the game has nearly 4000 renders , its not my fault that the poster here decided to post the black ones lmao , there’s chikan , lesbian , asian to white , white on white , massage , all kinds of fetishes in the game , Bruv i have no fucking control over this page lmao

      So just play the game for once , and decide then.

      IF you don’t like it still even then that’s fine , that’s on me.

      • miladmin says:

        Hello, it seems that I will need to change preview pictures for the next update and to remove some.

        • Shikharsfree says:

          You should my guy lmao cuz everyone here thinks that black guy + asian is what the game is about apparently , but oh well racists will stay racists so can’t do much.

          Just use my patreon renders or if you need any just ping me on discord instead SilverHand#2994

          problem is all renders you havehere are from the intro of chapter 1 , so chapter 1’s majority and chapter 2 fully isn’t even in these pictures. kindly change em.

          • miladmin says:

            Sure mate, I will wait for the next version and then will choose new preview pictures and I hope that there won’t be any bad comments after that.

          • Reaper says:

            Sorry but yeah the images gives off the wrong impression. It pretty much looks like 99% of the FMC games out where all you can do is watch her and other women close to her get fucked by every dick they can find. Glad to see that it is all optional and you gave the choice to us players. Also nice to see a Dev actually taking time to read comments even if the comments are all focused on 1 thing

  8. Giganigga says:

    What is going on in the comment section??.