Grandma’s House – New Version 0.57 [MoonBox]

Info: MC comes home from college and has lots* of sex. Your standard cookie-cutter incest game with all the staples you’ve come to expect like shower peeping, sleep groping and the classic walking in on MC’s morning wood scene. Except this time there’s a twist, you’ll be seducing your Grandmother instead of your Mom.

Date: 15.06.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.57
Censored: No

Extract and run.

INC Patch: – Version 0.17+:
INC Patch – Version 0.16:

INC Patch:
Extract to game directory and overwrite

Android version 0.16 in Extra Content MEGA
Windows part 1 version 0.16 in Extra Content Google Drive
Windows part 2 version 0.37 Extra Content one
Android part 2 version 0.37 Extra Content two
Windows part 3 version 0.53 Extra Content three
Android part 3 version 0.53 Extra Content four
Android part 3 version 0.53 Extra Content five

702 Renders

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Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Workupload Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile Download from Uploadhaven
Download for Android Download from Qiwi Download from ApkBox Download from TeraBox Download from Mixdrop Download from Apkadmin Download from Aupfile
Inc Patch Download
Extra Content Download from Mega Download from Google Drive Extra Content 1 Extra Content 2 Extra Content 3 Extra Content 4 Extra Content 5

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92 responses to “Grandma’s House – New Version 0.57 [MoonBox]”

  1. Crzo says:

    this dev is someone worthy to support guys.
    Proper harem and milfs.
    there will be some loli too.
    and no ntr shit content.

    • Peeled says:

      Nope! Not gonna give him that. He is ordinary like all other devs. Making a games where it seems some things will happen but nothing is different then all other game devs. Hr is sick of the same disease. Make a promisinv game where nothing happens except some short dreams, seeing the mc working his cock in his hand, peeping here n there and if ur a lucky faggot playing the game ull be rewarded with a BJ. So, no thx! I wont give him any credit before i see something different. I want to see that game where the mc fucks the characters, develops relations, build a harem, gets em pregnant and live all that shit. Work and satisfy the needs of his pregnant wives, grow his children build his royal family. All devs are to fucking gay and scared to go all the way through that hence they remain low end sewer devs. Promising devs and never the shining bright star.

      • Moonbox says:

        You should play the game before you go on a weird ass rant.


        • Grim says:

          Please don’t go the route as other dev’s and make the game more for cucks and add NTR stuff or where the mc is just a waking dildo, just to get more money and the game losses it’s soul

          • anewhope01 says:

            The fuck do you want…? You’re playing a PORN game where you fuck your grandmother. This isn’t Mass Effect we’re talking about. Are the titties nice? Do they bounce and jiggle when the women are riding? Cool. That’s what we’re here for. Sure decent story is advisable, but absolutely not a requirement. We’re here to get off, my dude, not better ourselves in some philosophical endeavour.

        • Dark says:

          Lmao, you’ve made a fantastic game, this person is clearly just upset he’s not getting his way. Solid response by the way

        • w van schaik says:

          I played the game , i don’t like it because it is crap . So now i am a weird ass because i have a working brain.1000 years in the future when they dig op your skull , they wil think that the missing link is been found .

        • Ninja87 says:

          I`ve played the game through and his rant is totally justified

          • Reaper says:

            Yeah you 2 are just wrong. The game is good it is fun and has enough content to keep you happy, you also get to chose who to fuck and who to not it is all your choice and even the fetishes are your choice. Honestly as weird as the original is when you actually play the game and see it is utter bullshit and now you 2 are talking like you haven’t played it and are just being trolls

        • jojo says:

          dude nice game hope you add this in steam couz I’m still a college student i dont have credit card or etc only steam creds i wanna support your game by buying out there

      • Matchless66 says:

        So, you’re spending your hard-earned cash on all of these games? I mean it would be weird to whine about something you got for free, right?

  2. Amir says:

    Best game ever❤

  3. Ham271 says:

    I play on android so how do I put the inc pact into the game

  4. Grim says:

    Great game, have to say 1 of the best I have played. A good MC who is actually good and the story is interesting and funny. Can’t wait for more!

  5. Jim says:

    Mac mega link for v12 is linked to APK file not Mac file if it can be fixed please

  6. Ninja92 says:


  7. Ninja92 says:

    MC = Meaningless Choices

    • Grim says:

      Not sure what that has to do with this game unless you mean the choices are meaningless in this game and if that is the case I will highly recommend you google it cause you certainly have no clue what you are talking about.

  8. wilfredo says:

    Excelente juego administrativo si pudieras hacerle llegar al desarrollador una sugerencia te lo agradecería, sugierele que siga por el camino del harem y qu en casa de la propia abuela tenga su harem encabezado por la abuela. Pues este juego este descomunalmente bueno y si toma ese camino estará mucho mejor. Gracias.

  9. Reddeathspeed says:

    Well well well… A game that is updated monthly. I’ve seen this pop up on the feed so consistently that i just had to try it, and I’m impressed! Look to be nearly a year old… If the dev can keep up that consistency and doesn’t pull the same bs as all the other crappy devs (being “sick” 20 days every month for 10 months a year just to milk subs) then that’s an instant subscription in my book.

  10. Fapb4sleep says:

    Really good sex scenes not like the usual “oh yea feels nice” then “i gonna cum” in 3 renders

  11. DaddyB says:

    One of the best games so far this year with milf’s,huge dick MC,small kittens and awesome sex scenes.
    Hope for more anal/anal gapes and deepthroat scenes

  12. Deathsays says:

    I want to play this game from the beginning how to do it?

  13. Harbor Joe says:

    Why not the complete game? Some of us haven’t played it.

  14. Capt.Daddy says:

    Love this game…although it is a bit mundane with choices. I feel it should be slowed a bit,instead of jumping from girl to girl.

  15. Màrlon says:

    How i wish supporting the developers as easy as paying on google play.

    #1 game !

    I luv it!
    Can you please make the mature characters more saggy tits and more flaps on pussies.

  16. Johnny says:

    Is this animated?

  17. w van schaik says:

    This update has done it for me , i really tried it but i have enough of this bs writing . I advice this dev not to give up his job , because he sucks as developer .

  18. sss says:

    good but very usless update end about 6 min when you star play

  19. Anónimo says:

    Hola necesito la primera temporada para androide dónde la puedo conseguir por favor ayúdame.

  20. NTR=NoToRacism says:

    I love reading folks comments about something that is free not being good enough

    • w van schaik says:

      So because it’s free you can’t tell the truth about this garbage . There are tons of free games that are way better . This one is just trash for narrow minded people , stupid story with a horse dick mc who fucks everything that moves and then goes to the next hole. Choices don’t matter because they do nothing . This dev milks money out of stupid people , money that was better of in the hands of good developers who are making good games .

  21. anonimo says:

    hola necesito acceso para descargar la primera temporada de este juego pero para jugarlo en androide por favor ayudenme

  22. rufruf says:

    bloody hell , fcking lol, crazy dev!
    Story gets lost more and more with each release but scenes get crazier and crazier! (i mean it in a good way) lol

    I never thought i would ever experience cockshot, bang dead, like in an instant , drop dead and brain freeze in a this porn game, but dev made sure that happens haha.
    When mc visits Jamila in hospital and that.. “Mr.s Nurse and Mr.Hyde” appears, fcking lol what a scene, what a nurse hahaha

  23. GemsAEmma says:

    When will the next update come?

  24. w van schaik says:

    By the time he is at 0.99 you still see the same lame crap.I can’t believe that a bunch of losers keep supporting this scammer while good developers don’t get enough support.I keep hearing but it’s for free,so was Covid so what,i did not hear anybody cheering that,and it was just as bad.

    • Nox says:

      I mean the only real problem is this game is wayyyyy too dialogue heavy life there are mountains of text between scenes a real boner killer but otherwise it’s not bad

    • rufruf says:

      You are really a loser u know that?
      This game offers every man fantasy/desire to actually fuck another mans girl and all other good stuff.
      And here is you bitching about not wanting to have sex with whats offered?
      Go to corner , bitch , stop bitching. Nobody cares!

      • w van schaik says:

        Of course you like this crap snowflake, because there is no story and no end to the endless hugging and meaningless fucking around the place, it’s perfect for your little brain. BTW for someone who doesn’t care about me telling what a crap this is from that scammer dev moonbox, you can’t let it go and have to open your little bitch mouth pathetic clown.

        • rufruf says:

          your mom had no objections to being snowed all night last night.
          no shoo i said already , bitch in corner i snowed it nice and abundantly for your daily intake of vitamins

          • w van schaik says:

            I must say you did a lot of effort to snow my mom , because she has been bury for the last 26 years. But at least you got some pussy in your live. Did you think that you are talking to a kid , i am 64 years old little wanker.

        • rufruf says:

          ho ho ho, 2 attempts to insult. I really must have ticked you off. Did you jerk off on my post? does it turn you on? I bet it does, you keep RETURNING to this game you HATE so much. Why is that i wonder?
          First u were bitching in different game topic about this game , how it doesnt have option to REJECT girls, you were wrong as bitches are , there is an options for every girl. But then again girls dont tick you, dont they? u need MAN to post so u can jerk off

          Then you bitch about developer who sells what he sells and has good support for it and MEN actually like it? bitch…

          • w van schaik says:

            Why i come back to the comments , because i piss the snowflakes like you of. Nothing is good about this piece of trash , no story , no ending , only pointless fucking around the place and a lot of hugging. If you like this trash , at least you know how low your intelligence is.

        • rufruf says:

          wow you really told me now! haha. repeated identical insult attempt haha, yeah show off intelligence no doubt! Go off now, but , Do return to this good game!

          • w van schaik says:

            O yes you got me real good, now enjoy this trash in your trailer and don’t forget the dildo up your ass little wanker.

  25. rufruf says:

    I see game is not yet updated here.
    Here is an update. Its only update 0.34 requires full game 0.33

  26. Nox says:

    Dudddeeeeee why is there so much dialogue!?!? I can watch an entire movie in the long talks before a scene. Like its not a bad game but dude its a porn game and its mostly talk

    • rufruf says:

      It’s to put you in a mood and connect to the characters so it isn’t just meaningless porn. You can always just use replay menu if that is what you are after.

  27. Capt.Daddy says:

    Miladmin is that the correct download size?? LOL I don’t think my laptop can do 80g of storage LMAO

  28. sss says:

    good but those updates is very sorth and too much unwanted speak im game what need be roll too much

  29. Cas says:

    I think this “game” shows how low the bar is for a lot of people, on what is considered a good game or not.
    Everything in it just feels so half-assed, uninspired, and lazy. There´s basically no story, but you´ll still get bombarded with countless walls of texts.
    The Render quality is poor, and this game has some of the ugliest character models i have ever seen in a game.
    You have some good-looking models, but that combined with a ton of the ugly ones feels like this is an alternate universe where Humans and Aliens, who try to look like them, are living together.
    Not only that, but there are lots of instances where you are forced to interact with them, and the choices don´t seem to matter.
    Most Women basically throw themselves on your Dick so there´s no challenge in that.
    Pretty much the only people who you haven´t fucked yet is your Sister and Grandma, after 20+ hours of this trash.
    The game is based around the Grandma, but she does not look attractive at all and it´s just the most basic ass model that is being used.
    There´re no animations, no sound, making this game so uninspired.
    The Sex Scenes are piss poor and are just images making those scenes not looking fluent at all.
    I think this is just a ton of shit thrown together without any passion and will to make a good game out of it.

  30. Anonimo says:

    Hola alguien me puede decir si está última actualización le funciona en androide pues a mí no se me instala, cada vez que trato de instalarla me dice “no se instalo la app”, díganme si hice algo mal, pues estoy haciendo lo mismo desde que lo jugué por primera vez. Un saludo para todos.

  31. J says:

    New updated not working for Android

  32. J says:

    How to load part 2 in part 3 for android.

    • miladmin says:

      Note: If you’re on android, make sure you make the save at the “Save now” screen. Part 2 will overwrite Part 1 when you install it. After that you can just load your save like normal. For PC/Mac, just start the game and load the save. There is also an autosave in case you forgot.
      Note: You need to play Part 1 and save exactly when the game tells you to before you can play Part 2
      Note2: Same instructions for switching from Part 2 to Part 3

  33. gibbie says:

    when I open it and go to my last save i get an exception error to go back part 3, I am on a mac and never had a problem before.

  34. Anonimo says:

    Hola la última actualización no se me instala en androide me da error me pone no se instalo la app, por favor arreglarlo. Saludos.

  35. Anonimo says:

    Hola admin disculpa pero cuando descargue el capítulo 37 no se me instala me da error a instalarlo y no lo juego desde el cap 35 así que no podré jugar el cap 38 si no puedo jugar el 37, me puede ayudar y darme n link seguro para descargar el cap 37 y poder terminar la temp 2, please pues este juego me encanta y no quisiera dejar de jugarlo, además para jugar el 38 tengo que haber jugado y salvado en el 37 como dice. Ayúdame por fa.

  36. Anonimo says:

    Yo lo juego en Androide ayúdeme please

  37. Darkdevius says:

    Where can a get part 1 2 and 3 i downloaded the new patch and the game crached can somebody help me

  38. Anónimo says:

    Hola donde puedo conseguir el final de la temporada 2, osea el cap 37 para Windows ayúdenme con un link para descargarlo, please.

  39. peter says:

    wow this game just goes on and on and fucking on…started well but a lifetime later you still cant fuck the mature women..grandmother etc.. theres way too many women in this story…way too many. Dev needs to finish it…its getting reallyy fcking stale and boring. was 6 maybe 7/10 now barely a 5

  40. Nahhh says:

    The story itself there isn’t much to it, some characters gave similar stories they gotten dumped, cheated and so on overall they’re lonely and don’t have a man, there’s choices along the way the choices are focused on whether you want or don’t want to be in a relation with them witch is something good to have but then towards the last part the mc doesn’t have a choice and you are forced to be in a relation with certain characters. Don’t get it, the whole time you have a choice, just to force you in the end. Very few locations, only two male characters one already in a relationship, and can’t load any type of save it just gives me the background image of the menu

  41. rufruf says:

    Game is super fappable. Fck shitheads!

    Anyway if you liked this game, make sure to also try That New Teacher!

  42. Dinku says:

    When is the new version coming?

  43. Jimbo1998 says:

    are there any games like Grandma’s House that i can play

  44. Darkfistedball says:

    Just some porn addicts lol

  45. Mfbreeder says:

    Finally after waiting for 2.5 weeks The new update has arrived let’s play

  46. noi says:

    i been playing this game since beta on android do the mc get to fk the grandma or is it still under dev

  47. Jajajajsu says:

    Immer wenn ich das Spiel starten will steht da you need to load save part 2 oder so ähnliches ich komme nicht weiter kann mir jemand helfen

  48. Housemousfe says:

    I downloaded the game and it says I have to save part 2 or something similar. Can anyone help me?

    • miladmin says:

      Hello, yes you need to play first Part 1 and Part 2 which are in Extra Content buttons. It depends if you play on PC or Android but version 0.16 is Part 1 while 0.37 is Part 2.

  49. Nickspeaks says:

    Moonbox why don’t you add animations in the game?

  50. SHU says:

    My save from part 3 does not start anything in part 4, it accepts it (no error) but nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  51. Alex says:

    no ofence but any new content ?

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