Masters of Raana – New Version [GrimDark]

Info: You begin the game as a nobody trying to start up a new life in Ikaanos after inheriting a house from your older brother.
The city of Ikaanos is an abandoned colony on the densely forested planet of Raana. After a sudden separation from Earth, Ikaanos became a cauldron of despair and violence that forced almost half of its human population into slavery.
Today, two brutal centuries later, feudal-like kingdoms fight among themselves over power and influence, when they’re not busy dealing with the planet’s dangerous megafauna.

Date: 27.06.2024
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run (start_game.html).

Gameplay changes
[Game Engine] Increased available save slots from 8 to 12.
[Locations] Going to The Mastersphere (first class) now increases Palace Rating with 100 points.
[Sex Engine] Critical rolls during vaginal sex (doggy/missionary) now increase the MC’s Copulation skill up to a maximum of 100.
[NPC] The toggle armor/clothing button is now personal for each NPC instead of having one global on/off state.
[NPC] Added Acrobatics, Dancing, Ranged combat and Melee combat to the Conclude Day Log.
[NPC] It is now much harder to use the Acrobatics homeschooling sessions for increasing DEXTERITY.
[NPC] Ansel will no longer steal from you (domestic events) if his Respect is 20+.
[NPC] Tweaked The Black Scorpion enemy capture NPC to be a little less powerful.
[NPC] Scavengers that are convicts or slaves and have an Affection that is Despising or worse, now receive a significant yield penalty (more or less useless unless they have scavvie trait).
[NPC] Added new trait: Unbreakable.
[NPC] NPCs with the Herculean body type (males only) now require Hearty food settings in order to avoid Happiness and Affection drops.
[NPC] There is now a -15 penalty to your household’s Herald Skill if the Herald is either a convict or a slave.
[NPC] Janitors that are convicts or slaves and have an Affection that is Despising or worse, or if they are Angry, will now be very bad at performing repair work.
[NPC ] Slaves/convicts that are assigned as Janitors, with WILLPOWER 10+ will now try to sabotage your household if they are Abhorred- or Angry.
[HOUSEHOLD] Added Discipline update scripts for external workshops.
[ECONOMY] You can now sell HULC armors (NPC) to private mercenaries through Redhaven Market contacts. The price scales with the same “remaining HULC armors” variable used at the transit department. Selling a HULC armor will not increase that value, however. This means that looting HULC parts and building a complete set in the late game can be a very rewarding crafting mission.
[ECONOMY] All armor SELL values are increased if City Control drops below 10 (market demand effect).
Random NPCs
Added 5 new random male enemy sets (Av312-Av316).
Added 2 new scripted male enemy/ally set (Av357, Av358).
Added 25 male and 10 female names.
Added 10 new last names.
Added 400 words of random dialogue.
Political events and factions
Six new main Political events have been added, dealing with rebel and (2nd) republic doings. Some of these master events can split into other outcomes, which gives a total of 12 different flavor events.
The Republic now gains a daily tax based on random factors, Control and Prosperity.
Updated Earth’s and Raana’s timelines with more info and additional events.
Jail cell overhaul
Both jail cell upgrades now provide the same WILLPOWER-lowering effects (20% daily chance).
The upgraded jail cell will only lower Affection down to Despising (19) instead of Abhorred (9).
Paragons and ex-paragons have a 10% daily chance of decreasing their WILLPOWER compared other NPCs (20%).
Slave masters/mistresses now affect imprisoned NPCs if that NPC is assigned to them.
Tormentor effect: Slave masters/mistresses now have a daily 15% chance of lowering assigned, imprisoned NPCs’ WILLPOWER (down to a minimum of 4) if the slave master doesn’t have the Pure trait and has a Kindness below 50. A Kindness below 25 increases the Tormentor effect to 25%.
New Story NPC: Valerie Borsow
Valerie Borsow is now available at Furry’s Tavern, if you spend a number of nights listening to rumors and socialize with old friends. She comes with a small/medium quest (Amiable+ > Ask about background) that’s similar to the Cyber Cannon riddle – no handholding but with big rewards.
MAIN QUEST: New World Order (part 1 and part 2)
You’re now able to either ignore, help or smother Aria’s rebellion, depending on playstyle. Helping Aria’s cause sets you out on a grand adventure – from stealthy palace missions to high-tech hacking onboard USS Seneca. You’ll also play a vital part in strengthening the rebel faction before its final assault on The Palace.
You can also train and turn in a devoted/corrupted Aria for great rewards and appreciation from the ruling elite of Ikaanos, securing yet another century of Authoritarian rule.
Note! Phase 3 (the last assault) is still WIP, coming in
Increased NPC cap
You’re now able to house 96 NPCs instead of 80. Upgrade the dorms (lvl 3 – $50,000) and receive two extra pages of NPCs to fill out.
Combat overhaul
Nervous states: NPCs and enemies with WILLPOWER below 5 (25 on Grimdark difficulty) now have a 10% risk of becoming nervous in combat (-50 chance for one round) *if* both their Ranged and Melee skills are below 80.
Natural marksman: To compensate the growing power of melee combat, the ranged combat skill now scales exactly like STR damage bonus. This scaling begins at *Ranged combat 50+* and is potentially endless. A ranged skill of 120 should provide around 7 extra damage.
Decreased the maximum damage yield from power strikes (melee combat). Median damage from PS should now be roughly 4-5 points less.
NPCs with Discipline 24 or less now receive a -10 chance penalty in combat.
New random captives system
Kymanto now offers drunkards, brawlers, unlucky fortune seekers and other rabble to all their licensed slavers. This is a rather new system that’ll be further enhanced in later versions. For this release (0833), we have a semi-scripted randie called Aaron, who also introduces a completely new trait (Berserker).
Follower groups
You can now assign up to six different follower groups and switch between each group with just one click. All *current* followers are automatically reassigned to old jobs when dismissed. Switching groups can be performed at home or when in Redhaven unless you build the Stables (horse lvl. 2+).
The “Won Combat” window now alternates between four different scenes.
Replaced or added many interior/exterior scenes (taverns, arena, bathrooms etc).
Added 4 new harness + collar/chain wardrobe pics for Adrienne and Laika (Tier request).
Replaced 6 Aria sex scenes.
Added Aria’s Morning BJ set.
Added 5 sex scenes for Valerie Borsow.
Added 20 wardrobe pics for Valerie Borsow.
Added 21 Arena scenes (Nicole, Caitlin, Dakota, Aisha, Averil, Loren, Mai-Lynn).
Added 7 wardrobe pics for The Valkyria (mostly armor).
Added 2 bathing scenes (Caitlin, Aisha).
Added 5 Office missionary scenes (Kelly, Nichole x2, Adora, Kate) Tier request.
Added 3 new random hangar scenes for The Mastersphere.
Added combat sprites for the Cultist Monk NPC.
Fixed a serious bug that would freeze the game if certain slaves ran away during camping trips.
Fixed a serious bug that wouldn’t unassign arena NPCs from their slots when sold or killed.
Fixed a serious bug that would unset the “Days in Bondage” variable.
Fixed a serious bug that would add a ghost arena NPC when unassigning tavern goldwalkers.
Fixed a serious bug that allowed you to train (Dojo) unconscious or seriously hurt NPCs to obscene skill and attribute levels.
Fixed a serious bug that wouldn’t reset the head chef title if you “clear all titles” in the debug menu. Use the “clear all titles” command again to properly reset it.
Fixed a bug that would throw a red error when adding Aisha to your household in the Penthouse.
Fixed a bug that would display blank screens for certain NPCs during the evening.
Fixed a bug that allowed you to add more NPCs than allowed.
Fixed a bug that would execute Master Hemme’s course automatically when entering The Academy.
Fixed the broken make out image for old Issid NPCs.
You can no longer assign convicts and slaves as foremen.
The Preacher trait should now provide its +15 conversion bonus.
Fixed a bug that would screw up birthday proclamations for NPCs if the MC’s age was set to Freeze.
You can no longer have a private session with Eliana while doing her quest.
You can no longer interact with (and add) Raana-dwelling NPCs while up at The Mastersphere.
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t increase DEX and Discipline from horse riding assignments.
Fixed a bug that would deduct $2500 instead of $1900 for the second camp upgrade.
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t assign the Techie trait (MC) during character creation.
Fixed a bug that enabled to you gain the Engineer trait for free by selecting and then deselecting it during character creation.
Fixed a bug that would apply player/NPC damage reduction to enemies under certain circumstances (combat).
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to turn around (view behind) NPCs in the randies container (Adora).
Fixed a bug that would leave a blank interaction pane if interacting with gardeners after 5 pm.
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t deduct money for the IMS Ulthar event.
Fixed a bug that would screw up the quest log for The Goonies if you took them out after freeing Rosita Ice.
Replaced several arena pics that were too tall (10px), creating overlapping issues.
Fixed a bug that would display double win/loss pics for Aria at the Arena.
Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display Morning BJ placeholders.
Fixed many typos.

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile
Download for MAC Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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