Couples – New Version 0.23 [Neverlucky]

Info: Couples is an adult Visual Novel.
You play from the perspective of a man moving to a new city with your girlfriend Claire. Claire is excited because that’s where her best friend Amy visits college. She can’t wait to introduce you and sets up a meeting with Amy and her girlfriend Katie.
Amy is thrilled to see Claire again, but seems to be under a lot of stress since her dorm is undergoing renovations and she and Katie have to find a new place to stay.
Your new apartment has a spare guest room…​

Date: 30.06.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.23 SE
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

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7 responses to “Couples – New Version 0.23 [Neverlucky]”

  1. Grimm says:

    Not bad visuals but it is a kinetic novel no actual choices and it’s pretty much NTR and sharing ( and yes it is NTR and sharing if it’s lesbian content) would say it is stupid in that sense and sorry but it is sooooooo boring the dialogue can put you to sleep and sex talk is so dry the sex parts are also dry and boring. So honestly 1 stars just for the images which is also unfortunate cause it’s pretty much from their previous games with slight tweaks. Pretty sad their 1st game was good, their 2nd was good took awhile to finish but was good-ich and this is a weak, dry, boring and very dumb.

    • Bob says:

      This is what we need, good honest reviews, cut to the chase so we don’t waste time on games going nowhere.

  2. Ury says:

    Graphics are well done but the game is boooooorrrrrriiiiiinnngggg. Dialogs put me to sleep and the sex scenes are ZzzzZZZZzzz ZzzzZZZZzzz…..

  3. rufruf says:

    Putting weaklings that think girl on girl is NTR aside.

    Here is an actual review.

    Problem is not the story. Story is fine. MC is dull. Girl is talking all the time. He is more like an appendage just shakes head up or down for yes and no.
    Game is patreon 20$ locked. More then half the game is missing even if you cheat to bypass, renders are not there.

    I played previous game by this writer. A knights tale. He writes in same manner as before. Woman are dominant actors in game. MC male is just as i said appendage for the ride.
    Maybe it works for an actual female people. I have no idea. Definitely does not work for me.

    He tends to abandon his games half way through , just quick wrap up and calls it a day.

    • rufruf says:

      Forgot to say that, MC is supposedly intellectual person with Doctorate in medicine and yet can’t assemble sentence with more then 4-5 words.
      Has no identity , no say in anything, has no opinion on anything, nor he offers any.
      Everything for him is like “Whatever you say honey”.
      Might as well be his epitaph.

    • UncleSinn says:

      There’s still sharing/swinging involved which in a way aligns this game with those that are NTR based more than what you may accept as….non weak lesbian action.

      Because let’s say, the devs decide to have the MC not involved in sex and his wife is still having sex that night with the other couple….would that then be a guy that’s a cuckold or would he be too manly man to think of himself that way despite being in a cucked situation at that time.

  4. peter says: started of as maybe…nice enough visuals and an okay story but really…on and on with the same thing? It’s boring as fuck and no choices. Surely the dev couldve put more drama or emotional interest into it. Yeah, its a pity as I wanted to see where it was going but it was like a dog chasing its tail…round and round. Boring as fuck, hang on, I already said that.I think the dev is afraid of upsetting all those that dont like NTR(me included unless u have choices) waste of space now.

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