Kings Fall – New Version [Bastard Games]

Info: In King’s Fall, you are the Chosen One, called by an unknown figure to journey through a world and kill a King who has been chosen to meet his end.
Along the way, you meet hundreds of normal, zany, sexy, and plain ol’ bat-shit insane individuals as they help you (sometimes in more ways than one) in your travels.
You will pick up loot and job classes and evolve your abilities until you are the force of destruction you were chosen to be.
Kings Fall will be a game where every single NPC will have importance in the world, along with their own quests and art.
Be the Force, be the Chosen One!​

Date: 05.07.2024
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

New Content: Quests, Towns, Monsters, Bosses, etc.
-Added 1 new Sugar Baby to the game. Cassandra The Convener in Henesys
-Continued Irena’s The Dirty Fighter Sugar Baby Questline
-Added 1 more Achievement
-Added Achievement Medal Shop
-Added system where Sugar Babies with completed storylines only charge 1 Meso to repeat those scenes
-Added 1.5 hours of content
-Continued Card Storylines
New Content: NPC’s, Character Quests, Sex Scenes.
-Added 1 new SD to the game. Cassandra
-Added 4 Sex scenes to Cassandra’s Sex Menu
-Added 4 sex scenes to Irena’s Sex Menu
-Added 28 Quests to Cassandra’s Storyline
-Added 25 Quests to Irena’s Storyline
-Added a different unlock process for Ereve if you went a different route with Oz. When the Wait for Hermes begins, find the new NPC in Southperry on Maple Island.
-Added 12 quests to Nympho Card Storyline
-Added new War Readiness increase opportunity
-Added 4 Sex Scenes to Recollection Room
New Content: Gameplay
-Added 20 new items to the game
-All 20 items are for the new Achievement Medal Shop. Using the Shiny Maple Coins, you can obtain powerful Medals with various effects. Speak to Spiegelmenn when you have at least one of the Coins in your inventory
QOL fixes:
-The Clash Requirements are now more clear. The Good and Bad Endings for The Clash will be labeled before you commit to it.
-All Sugar Babies who have been completed within their Affection Caps (25, 50, etc) will now only charge 1 Meso for their repeated Sex Menu
-Vasily can now take you back to Ereve if you’ve started the questline for it (Mainly for those on Hard Mode)
-Added numerous Taxi’s to every city on Victoria Island. Mainly for Hard Mode players but the novelty exists for everyone
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed issues in Rain’s Bad Crowd Route
-Fixed issue where you could not progress into The Clash due to previous choices

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty

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