We Are Lost – New Version 0.4.9 [MaDDoG]

Info: On a day that started like any other, you were startled by Ashley and her story of a contest she won, granting you all a trip to an expensive resort. Ultimately deciding to leave, you start packing your things. But not all is as it seems.. As the corporation in charge of this contest has some deeper, more sinister plans for you. Choose your protagonist and unravel the story, discover the goals of this corporation and.. Well, the rest I will leave up to you to discover.​

Date: 10.07.2024
Language: English
Version: 0.4.9
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

31 Renders

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12 responses to “We Are Lost – New Version 0.4.9 [MaDDoG]”

  1. Dickiexander says:

    slow progress

    • Tang88 says:

      Slow progress biggest understatement ever i`ve sat and observed flowers and plants growing quicker boring beyond belief 0/5

  2. Matcha says:

    If you want to fall asleep this game is for you i`d rather read a dictionary than the awful dialogue this game has no redeeming qualities 0/5

  3. Aditya says:

    Check ✅New update please, it’s released today.

  4. rufruf says:

    Two male protagonist. pfft

  5. Impulsive says:

    Mom-son tag missing, nice game but the problem is that the progress is very slow and can someone tell me when will the update of ‘our only man’ will come I am losing my patience for that game the MC’s mom is gorgeous as hell

    • Matchless66 says:

      Are you complaining that you’re losing your patience for a game that you’re getting for free? Entitled much?

      • Chillax says:

        Lmao imagine being mad for a free game.People should really talk to real women if they are so impatient to jerk their meet over pixels, no offense but it’s kinda sad.

  6. w van schaik says:

    The only thing that is lost is the dev, when he made this trash.

  7. name: says:

    it has slow progress, but you can’t rush perfection

  8. Jj says:

    Rubbish game

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