Malise and the Machine – Version 0.0511 [Eromancer]

Malise and the Machine is an adult RPG for the PC, and is being created using a heavily improved version of RPG Maker VX Ace.
One of the major goals of the game is originality in as much as possible. Characters, enemies, artwork, the story, tilesets, and even the soundtrack are being custom made for the game. If you’ve been waiting for a H-game with virtually non-stop combat-oriented H content that draws on gameplay aspects from classic RPG greats such as the classic Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy series, then you should care!

Is the gameplay any good?

The gameplay is good! A key element is the custom active time battle system that features fully animated enemy sprites and unique, highly detailed character artwork for every action. Characters have access to different outfits and weapon types that will modify their stats, play-style, and most importantly how battle H-content gets carried out.

In this game, you are rewarded with H-content by surviving. Most of the H-content occurs during battle scenes, and does so using a completely original system. The game features a struggle system not unlike many RoR titles (Shinobi Girl, Witch Girl, etc.) built within the active time battle system. This opens up a whole new realm of gameplay possibilities such as skills and stats designed to affect the outcomes of the struggle system, as well as story/event battles designed completely around this system.

Date: 22.09.2016
Language: English
Version: 0.0511
Censored: No
Date: 711 mb



– Added the ‘Tactical Frame’ armor type for Neon.
– Added approximately 100 portraits as well as the sprite artwork for Neon’s new armor type.
– Added a new skill for Neon compatible with her new armor type.
– Replaced the puzzle area in the Breeding Zone with a more straightforward series of exploration-centric maps. These maps were created with and show off the power of TK’s new 3D map editor, and they also do a better job of setting up the main story than the puzzle area.
– Replaced the Access Tunnels Entrance map with one created using TK’s 3D map editor (over time we will replace all existing maps with improved versions).
New story H scene

– Fixed a few minor bugs related to armor types that surfaced after implementing Neon’s second armor.
– Implemented separate skill Tetra panels for each armor type.
– Improved handling of Tetra panels in both Tetra configuration screen and battle. This gives a marginal performance boost, but is way more manageable.
– Implemented armor type restriction for skills.
– Added armor/weapon type restrictions to some skills.

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