Subjugation – Version 0.2c [Ireallydunno]

This game takes place in the hometown of the main character, to which he recently returned after a longer absence. This is a small city in a fictional country roughly placed in the present time. The game considers itself a sandbox, with the main focus of the main character seducing, subjugating and corrupting his surroundings (especially the female part).
This game considers itself a sandbox first and foremost. That said, there is still something similar to an overarching plot (kind of a main quest, if you will).​

Date: 07.07.2017
Language: English
Version: 0.2c
Censored: No

Version 0.2c:
– Game mechanics:
– new feature: wounds reduce energy
– new feature: the PC doesn’t automatically awake in his room, but where he
went to sleep
– new feature: wounds don’t necessarily automatically heal over night depending at the
sleep location
– balancing: max for Physical and Mental are down to 5 again; choices at
chargen can raise max
– balancing: raising Physical and Mental takes a lot longer
– new skill: sneak
– World:
– new (sub)location: swimming pool
– new location: port
– new (sub)location: port office
– Misc.:
– reworked the implementation of checks with greyelf’s advice
– user friendliness: a lot of actions the PC does not qualify for now
display a short explanation instead of the link simply not showing
– ui change: your current money now gets displayed on the left
– ui change: money, energy and most menu options are only displayed after chargen and prologue
– fixed bugs and typos pointed out by woody07, Varghus, Sfred632, baughb
– Content (spoilers ahead):
– new gameover: consequences for not paying back the bank
– new gameover: consequences for fucking up dealings with the mob
– new random lewds: 3 events
– new scene: get a new loan after paying back your current one
– new scene: introduction of Ricarda Esparza (sex shop owner)
– new scene: introduction of Doreen Fishman, Jayme Simpkin and Calista Adams
(detective, officer #2 & #3)
– expanded lewd scene: playing billard with Chloe
– expanded lewd scene: Chloe in the bathroom
– new lewd scene: order Charleen Garry to strip at your pool
– new semi lewd scene: join the mob
– bugfixes

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Download for Windows Download from Mega

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