Deathblight – Operation Thunderfang – Beta 2 [Crescentia]

We aim to create an RPG Maker title similar to Ahrimans “The moral sword of Asagi”, just with Ferania and our other characters from Deathblight.
Our plan is to start with Ferania and Minori as the main playable characters at first, but gradually expanding and including new characters in the future.
The setting of the game will be in a more modern world, similar to our world.
Throughout the game, our main characters will be trying to free a city which has fallen into the hands of the demons. They’ll need to clear out several demon dens and beat several bosses in order to do so.
As the story progresses, new party members will join and eventually you can select which characters to take on missions.
Also there will be some ways to earn ingame money and see hentai content at the same time.
This will include, among other things, prostitution and working at a maid café, bar or some other place.
We’re also planning to include a corruption system for the characters. Some of them will need to have a certain level of lewdness (corruption) before being able to participate in certain activities, otherwise they might just refuse.
There will of course be a way to raise or lower corruption levels (even completely get rid of them), for example via potions.

Date: 16.08.2019
Language: English
Version: Beta 2
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.

Changelog Alpha3 – 16/08/2019:
– Added Minori’s Job and respective CG-scenes:
-> Maid Cafe Job at “Cafe Meowle”, with another minigame: Take orders and serve customers some delicious food!
-> Of course, “Other Services” are on offer for the guests too…
* It is structured in the same way as Ferania’s job is, so you should be familiar with it!
* Corruption will of course play a role again. Make sure you have those potions ready!
– Made some changes to the way the Job Intro scenes are triggered, so they aren’t connected to major progression
cutscenes anymore!
– Restructured the CG viewer on the PC in the hotel-room, to make it easier to view scenes and CGs
-> They are now organized by mission / jobs
-> Job scenes and CGs can now be viewed once unlocked (viewed at least once during gameplay)

Download links
Download for Windows Download from Mega

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