A Woman’s Scent – New Version 0.2 [Orionzek]

Info: After a third World War. The civilization needs to become strong again. But one year After this war a new virus appear who transform man into woman, bimbo, shemale bimbo or into a mythical creature.
The adventure will begin three years after the virus was release. You will play a man who had small change because he will looks like an androgynous girl at the beginning of the game. You will wake up in a statement full of the man transforms and you will Lost. The shemale woman will fuck you and activate the virus inside MC. After that you will wake up and find friendly statement where all the person are generous and kind. These person are the girl who were born After the release of the virus. You will need to escape your country for going to the North when the rebellion against the bimbo Begin.​

Date: 06.07.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Add color and item logos in quests.
– Add Elfosia settlement.
– Add 9 New Quest.
– Add Snake Antidote at shops.
– Add 1 Enemy (Cave spider).
– Add 2 Location (dead forest and Arena).
– Add 4 New Character.
– Add The player’s property and Tent.
– Add 47 New Renders.
– Fix Fishing quest (Now you only need to catch 1 green and 1 purple fish).

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  1. ethan says:

    hi there, they was update of this game of 0.3 now so please upload this game now please

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