The Single Goblin – New Version 1.2.4 [The Single Goblin]

The Single Goblin is a 3D adult adventure game! Your tribe is under attack and it’s up to you to save the Goblin world by growing your seed as powerful as possible. But as you work to grow your lineage, you’ll find that as one of the last Goblins in the world, you have more people who want to control you than you might think. Can you avoid capture? Can you rebuild the Goblin population? Can you make the right character choices? The only way to find out is to play!

Date: 07.02.2023
Language: English
Version: 1.2.4
Censored: No

To open the game: Single Goblin folder -> Binaries -> Win64

Version 1.2.4:
There’s not too much new story content on this one but I added additional save slots and added color customization for the main character. Unfortunately adding the new save slots created a new save system so you can’t use the old save system with the new one so people will need to start over from the beginning just this one time. I also added an NPC where you can change the size of her breasts, ass and stomach using sliders.

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3 responses to “The Single Goblin – New Version 1.2.4 [The Single Goblin]”

  1. ljsfglmjslgjsg says:

    who the fuck would wish to impersonate some green, ugly manlet?
    i really don’t understand this, and it looks forced.
    this is both bad and sad.

    • Prajek says:

      No one cares, wokefag. Go count your pronouns, weirdo.

      • hlshfgkshguzitzkjt says:

        – i didn’t meant to be a dick to begin with, i was simply asking and expressing my befuddlement to this whole thing and that lingering feeling of astroturfing i couldn’t quite shake off.
        – i’m neither a wokie, nor a pronounerist. however a weirdo most probably, but who isn’t on this site, honestly?
        – more interestinly, after looking around a bit and talking with some peeps, it seems this whole thing is a sort of declination (as in: a subset) of the “fat-ugly-bastard” genre, but targeting manlets.

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