Greenskins – New Version 0.2.01a [Deep Dimples]

Info: Your story begins in Tuk Manu: a greenskin clan settled in Balmorass, wetlands in the western part of Tula. Native to the province, yet greenskins are strangers in their own land. Either feared or loathed, they stick to their own kind. You will be playing as Guroh: born from an orc mother and a goblin father, you are an outcast even to your own people.

Date: 15.09.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.2.01a
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

– Bug fix for Zogru-Pangal training
– little adjustment for battle with Pangal
– 13 days of story progression
– 3 lewd scenes (2 frames animation)
– Battle adjustments

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Download for Windows Download from Qiwi Download from Mega Download from Racaty Download from Aupfile

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2 responses to “Greenskins – New Version 0.2.01a [Deep Dimples]”

  1. poopcicle says:

    Holy crap I hate this lol. I was actually enjoying it for a while, kinda hoping the mc would nut up and step away from his little cuck infatuation or just try to approach the chick or do anything but just accept things as they are but noooo. dear freaking god, got through the whole thing and was rewarded with a freaking cliff hanger that resolved nothing!
    It says there’s unavoidable ntr in the game, given the setting, I totally thought I understood why that was. nope, there’s no other reason than the mc NOT doing anything about his issues, he just goes with the flow and accepts getting disappointed over and over and over and then complains that things aren’t magically fixing themselves. It’s freaking infuriating.
    I only played to the end because I thought there was some small chance of hope that something worth while would finally happen. Nah, he got “betrayed” again and the game ended.
    You get a small taste of what he get’s at the start but honestly, after seeing a small part of what happens with this kid before he gets to that point, I’m greatly disappointed that he still chooses that chick, I can only imagine that after witnessing what he did, instead of writing her off he’ll decide to become “The very best” and “earn her” or some crap, then she’ll just control him because he turns into a weak pansy when it comes to her.
    Anyway, Clearly the Unavoidable NTR means you’re cucked no matter what, there’s no chance to make things better, there’s no chance you’re gonna get any from anyone else cause the mc is the most human-esque Orc/Goblin hybrid mc the Author could write lol I was mad most of the time lol.. anyway, sorry for my rant. I hope there are some that can enjoy it.. I will likely never attempt to play it again as I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed with lack of choice and utter annoyance of an mc that just.. chooses to settle in their despair. I hate it. I hate that I don’t even have the choice to Try and fix anything. anyway.. Rant over lol‍♂️

    • poopcicle says:

      Okay, so now that it’s not right after I finished the game.( Also, sorry if I’m looking too deeply into it, I know it’s just a game lol.)

      It wouldn’t be so bad if they had just made it so you can make the decision to make MC a cuck or make him more assertive. I would understand the forced NTR if it were things like, Someone of higher rank in the village taking advantage of their position, a r*pe scenario or in the case of something that actually happens, someone chooses to do something that ultimately, isn’t off base at all for how the in game culture but it’s NTR because of the MC’s perspective.

      The MC is a Hybrid Orc/Goblin and yet, he seems to be the only character that thinks like a human. The girl that was adopted along with him is human and is taking steps to deepen her connection/position with this village, trying to make some progress to maybe make changes for the future or whatever.
      MC is basically portrayed as a naïve, child, virgin who’s stuck in his own world of imagination where everything should work a certain way and he should make no effort to make those things happen. The issue I have with this is, he’s been immersed in this culture his entire life, it doesn’t make sense that he’d be surprised at all by any of what happens regarding any “ntr” situation.
      If it were decision based it’d be more interesting for sure and players wouldn’t have to read the pathetic ramblings of a MC that literally just sits on the side lines then get’s angry when nothing positive happens relationship wise. It’s very frustrating.

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